Tesla is undisputedly the company responsible for making electric cars a credible alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. Without the Silicon-Valley EV maker and its market-defining products, it is likely that electric cars would still be a sideshow in the car world. Tesla isn’t done, either. The company is constantly tweaking existing models, teasing new cars, and flying roadsters into space. You can stay up to date with all the latest Tesla news and reviews right now in this handy collection of all our coverage.

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Everything you need to know about the Tesla Cybertruck

Pyramid-shaped and electric, with features for every kind of driver, this is one of the more unusual pickups.

Digital Trends Live: Tesla resumes, Apple partially reopens, Minecraft turns 11

We discuss the top tech stories, including the reopening of some Apple Stores
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Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s Cybertruck may be polarizing, but the Hot Wheels versions are pretty cool

The 1:10 toy comes with a cracked window vinyl sticker so you can re-create the vehicle's iconic unveiling.

How to buy a Tesla online

Tesla has always bypassed traditional dealerships, and it has now adopted an online-only sales model that lets customers configure and order their car without leaving their couch. Here's what you need to know.
Tesla Roadster front view

The Cybertruck vs. F-150 comparison isn’t fair, Tesla tells California officials

One of Tesla's top executives explained the Cybertruck will enter production as a Class 2B truck, while the Ford F-150 falls into the 2A category. In other words, they're not even in the same segment.
Cybertruck vs. F-150

2020 Tesla Model S vs. 2020 Tesla Model 3: Which one comes out on top?

Used examples of the Model S are getting cheaper annually. Here's how it compares to the sleeker Model 3.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 vs. Tesla Model Y

Sibling rivalry is alive and well in the Tesla portfolio. Here's how Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y compare.
Tesla Model Y rear

The best electric cars for 2020

Electric cars are getting smarter, safer, and more capable with each passing year.
Tesla Model 3 Red

Tesla delivered more electric cars in 2019 than in any previous year

Tesla said its 2019 deliveries represented an increase of 50 percent over 2018. The automaker said it delivered 367,500 electric cars in 2019, including 112,000 cars in the fourth quarter alone.
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A fleet of Teslas drove 300,000 miles. Here’s what broke and what didn’t

Tesla electric cars in the Tesloop shuttle service have racked up 300,000 miles apiece. Here's what issues those cars experience after accumulating high mileage.
Tesla Model 3

Tesla is working on an even more insane performance version of the Model S

Tesla already has Ludicrous mode, so what could be more insane than that. The answer is Plaid. That's what Tesla is calling a new performance upgrade for the Model S.
2016 Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla’s pop-out handles blamed for death after accident

The family of a Florida man has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tesla with the Broward County State Court faulting the hide-a-way door handles and lithium-ion battery.
Tesla Model S
Elon Musk

Check out the SpaceX Crew Dragon looking majestic on the launchpad

The mission's astronauts also tweeted photos of their launch rehearsal
SpaceX Crew Dragon

We’re going to the red planet! All the past, present, and future missions to Mars

A detailed list of all operational and planned missions to Mars, along with explanations of their objectives.

Digital Trends Live: Musk risks arrest, Hamilton on Disney+, PlayStation Studios

On this DT Live, we break down the top tech stories, including Twitter’s new misinformation labels and more.

Tesla confirms it is suing Alameda County over factory reopening dispute

It will reopen its Fremont factory despite shelter-in-place order

California county says Tesla’s plant isn’t cleared to reopen

Electric carmaker still pushing ahead with plans to resume work today
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