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The 10 best FWD cars will make rear-wheel purists swallow their scoffs

Front-wheel drive cars often get a bad name in enthusiast circles. It’s true that they’re generally not quite as dynamic to drive as rear- and all-wheel drive models, but there are plenty of front-driversĀ out there at are well worth a look if you’re in the market for a new car. After all, the layout has been around for many decades, so automakers have had plenty of time to iron out the kinks. Even BMW has adopted front-wheel drive for a handful of its European models.

FWD vs. RWD vs. AWD: How the wheels that turn change the way you drive

There’s a little something for everyone. Some front-wheel drive cars were designed with practicality in mind, some are jaw-droppingly efficient, and others put a smile on your face after the first bend. Not convinced? We’ve singled out the 10 best front-wheel drive cars on the market today. These are models capable of matching — or beating — comparable rear-wheel drive cars in their respective segment.