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Linksys and Ricochet launch wireless router

The Linksys Ricochet Router is the industry’s first home and office network router that supports wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) to Local Area Network (LAN) connectivity. Users can share a single Ricochet high-speed, wireless Internet account across multiple computers in a home or small office setting by connecting computers with Ethernet cable to the Linksys Ricochet Router’s four 10/100 switches ports. To save cabling time and hassle, users can add a Linksys Wireless Access Point (sold separately) to set up a wireless local area network for sharing the service. The Router also includes network address translation (NAT) for security and a PC Card slot for a Ricochet approved PC modem card. The combination of the Linksys Ricochet Router and a Wi-Fi access point creates the first true LAN through WAN wireless network.

“For small businesses such as real estate or professional services offices (or even coffee shops that want to create a “hot spot”), this is one of the most affordable ways to offer a wireless LAN for customers to share a high-speed, wire-free Internet connection,” said Mort Aaronson, president and CEO of Ricochet. “The Linksys Ricochet Router gives people a high-speed, wireless network product, at consumer prices and with the ability to install in less than 10 minutes out of the box.”

The Linksys Ricochet Router provides a new solution to small office and home office networks with affordable connectivity that is easy to install and use. The Linksys Ricochet Router will allow as many as four computers to connect to the Internet over one Ricochet connection, offering a significant cost savings compared to the purchase of multiple modems for use in the same home or office. And, because Ricochet is wireless technology, the router has the added benefit of portability so a LAN can easily be set up and moved anywhere in Ricochet’s coverage area.

Carlo Capra, of Tony Capra Plumbing and Heating has 3 computers and a printer at his business in Denver. “The set up was easy. I inserted the Ricochet PC card modem and plugged my computers and printers in the back of the router and set up an account. I pay $44.95 per month on my credit card, which is $50 less than the $98 per month business DSL line the phone company quoted me.”

“Linksys is committed to working with companies like Ricochet to develop innovative networking solutions that resolve issues and provide benefits to consumers and business,” said Matt McRae, director of broadband at Linksys. “The Linksys Ricochet Router provides a solution by enabling the sharing of Ricochet’s Internet service simply and more affordably to multiple users in a home or office.”

Ricochet’s wireless Internet service allows subscribers to surf the Web or access LAN files from anywhere in Ricochet service areas. It also serves as a high-speed alternative to dial-up connections for computer users who do not have access to cable or DSL service. The Ricochet network operates at speeds four times faster than dial-up Internet over its own proprietary Micro Cellular Data Network, which uses Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability to offer premier network security. Linksys redesigned the software on its cable/DSL router to support the code interface on Ricochet modem cards that allows access their Internet network.

Ricochet is currently offering the router for $119.95 to customers in Denver and San Diego. It is sold online at www.ricochet.com or from the Ricochet retailers listed on the website.