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New Toshiba Gigabeat G5, G22 And G40

There are now 7 different Toshiba Gigabeat Models with the different hard-drive sizes and color choices. And of course still non of them officially available outside of Japan. Good thing there are shops like Dynamism and AudioCubes, where those super thin hard-drive based MP3 Players from Toshiba are available.

The Gigabeat G5 (MEG050) features a small 5GB hard-drive (competing with iPod mini?), the Gigabeat G22 (MEG202) has 20GB and the G40 (MEG400) a 40GB hard-drive. The players support WMA (DRM) and MP3. The G5 and G22 measure 76.5×12.7×89.5mm and weigh 138g. The G40 is slightly thicker with 15.7mm and weighing more with 156g.

Compared to the G20 and G21 the G22 has now charging capability via USB. The wireless LAN option introduced with the G21 is now bundled with the G22 and G40.

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