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XCOM 2 review

XCOM 2 avoids the “sophomore slump” and improves upon an already excellent game with this hotly-anticipated sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. See Full Review »

Our Score 10

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Doom (2016) Review

  • Fast gameplay
  • Knows what it is
  • Fresh multiplayer modes
  • Solid level editor
  • Extremely repetitive
  • Boring story
  • Too gory
Our Score 7

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Review

  • Stunning visuals
  • Great storytelling
  • Surprisingly deep multiplayer
  • Reliably fun gameplay
  • New “open” environments fall flat
  • Gameplay is predictable
Our Score 8

Hitman: Intro Pack Review

  • Gigantic levels
  • More accessible than past games
  • Still complex enough for vets
  • Stripped down narrative gets out of the way
  • Very few levels so far
  • Mission creation tools are limited
Our Score 8

Star Fox Zero Review

  • Return to form with classic gameplay
  • We like the new motion controls
  • Secrets make campaign highly replayable
  • Fun cooperative play
  • New ideas are inconsistent and underdeveloped
  • No multiplayer battle mode
Our Score 7

Dark Souls III Review

  • Rewards hard work with forward progress
  • Tough, but never insurmountable
  • Smartly designed levels
  • Gives players plenty of chances to fast travel
  • More welcoming, but still very tough
  • Menus and some mechanics are still hard to…
  • Earliest level is the most challenging
Our Score 7

Quantum Break Review

  • Generally smooth framerate
  • Great voice/acting cast
  • Mashup of TV and games doesn’t work
  • Boring, often difficult to follow storyline
  • Overreliance on collectible items
  • Poorly designed shooting
  • Game and TV show aren’t interactive enough
Our Score 4

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

  • Open-world NYC is unsettlingly realistic
  • Well-designed levels and battles
  • Change your play style to fit the situation and…
  • Dark Zone is an intense multiplayer experience
  • Bullet-sponge enemies don’t mesh with tactical…
  • Tons of repetitive busywork required to advance
  • Boring story can’t decide if it wants to be…
  • Endgame is a hamster wheel
Our Score 5

Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition Review

  • Classic strategy RPG gameplay
  • Interesting new art direction
  • Level design feels gimmicky
  • Base-building mechanic is tacked-on
  • Writing lacks depth of past games
Our Score 5