Ridesharing service helps Marlins fans take each other out to the ballgame

Major League Baseball's Miami Marlins have teamed up with ridesharing service Eventride to allow fans to carpool together to games. The partnership will last the remainder of the season.

The next Apple Pencil could have touch controls, according to this patent

Looks like we might see a new version of the Apple Pencil soon. Apple has filed a patent for a version of the Apple Pencil that has touch sensors along the shaft, allowing users to control iOS without ever taking their hand off the Pencil.

Bye-bye Google? Huawei said to be working on a totally new mobile operating system

Huawei may have recently made a Nexus phone, but it seems like the company may be looking to edge away from needing Google. Recent rumors suggest Huawei is working on a mobile OS of its own.

Gear up with these five handy mobile accessories from CE Week

CE Week is winding down, and while most of the big players don't have a large presence, there's still a lot of new and exciting products to take a look at -- take a peek at these five handy mobile accessories.

Boom for iOS makes your cheap earbuds sound like a high-end system

Boom, an equalizer app for iOS, effectively transforms even the cheapest of earbuds into a high-end sound system. It packs effects powered by a proprietary system of compression.
Health & Fitness

The Scosche Rhythm+ is a highly accurate heart rate monitor 2:04

The Scosche Rhythm+ is a highly accurate heart rate monitor and biometric sensor that logs your workout performance. The Rhythm+ works with most popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Nike Run, as well as ANT+ connected…

OnePlus is fixing the 3's screen and RAM issues in a reviewer-first update

Reviews of the OnePlus 3 have so far been pretty good, but there have been some issues. Both the RAM and screen issues will be fixed in an upcoming update, despite the fact that co-founder Carl Pei isn't too happy about reviews.

iOS 10 kernel is not encrypted, and here's Apple reasoning

Apple released the developer preview of iOS 10 more than a week ago, and security experts have found that the kernel code, the core of the system is unencrypted. Apple says this decision will allow developers to optimize iOS 10 performance.
Social Media

Instagram is getting instantaneous text translations in its apps

Instagram has announced that users will soon be able to instantaneously translate captions, comments, bios and more within its applications with a tap of a button. The feature is set to be released in July 2016.
Social Media

Plan a vacation with ease thanks to the new AI bot from Hipmunk

To help make taking a vacation an actual vacation, Hipmunk, a travel-planning search engine, has unveiled the latest in its own AI technology -- a chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Slack.

Home is where the AC’s on: Keep it cool with a smart air conditioner from GE

GE has a couple of new air conditioning units for your window sill, but these are a little different. They come complete with Wi-Fi connectivity, which means you can connect to them from anywhere in the world.

15 annoying OnePlus 2 problems, and how to fix them

Is your OnePlus 2 on the fritz? Here, we take a look at a wide array of common OnePlus 2 problems and try to identify workarounds and possible solutions that may fix the issues at hand.