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Google Play Family Library lets you share purchased content with up to 6 people

Google Play Family Library lets you share purchased apps and content with up to six family members. It's rolling out over the next few days, and right off the bat it will be available in 12 countries, including the U.S.

‘Destiny’ platform split wraps up with one final patch for PS3, Xbox 360

Studio Bungie has released its final patch for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Destiny as it shifts its development efforts toward the game's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports.

‘Yakuza 5’ and ‘Rebel Galaxy’ among the free PlayStation Plus games in August

Open-world crime game Yakuza 5 and space shooter Rebel Galaxy are among the free games offered in August through PlayStation Plus. Vita owners will also be treated to rhythm-action hybrid Patapon 3.

Close to the Metal Episode 5: Windows 10’s free upgrade is almost gone – should you upgrade?

Windows 10's free upgrade is about to go extinct, and many users are stressing over whether switching to the new OS is worthwhile. Don't worry. We have the answer.
Movies & TV

There’s lots of raunchy business in first trailer for ‘Office Christmas Party’

The new trailer for "Office Christmas Party" offers a preview of T.J. Miller and Jason Bateman's attempt to throw the wildest holiday party of all time in order to save their company.

Dota 2 players help build record-breaking $18M prize pool for The International 2016

Next month, Dota 2 players from around the world will meet in Seattle for The International 2016. It's now been confirmed that the tournament can boast the largest ever prize pool for an eSports event.
Home Theater

A few small cable companies are getting the first 4K Ultra HD trials this year

As with the early days of HD, cable providers haven't been quick to offer 4K content to their customers, but satellite operator SES is bringing the first Ultra HD trials cable subscribers to a few small cable companies later this year.
Virtual Reality

Listen up! Google Omnitone sends 360-degree surround sound over the web

Google's Omnitone will bring highly positional, binaural audio over the web. It can take in everything from your real-world position, to the tilt of your head, and affect the sound to make it perfectly catered for the VR user wherever they…

Apple making major augmented reality push, CEO Tim Cook confirms

Augmented reality is soon to be a literal reality for Apple. During Tuesday's discussions of Apple's second quarter earnings, Tim Cook confirmed that his company has big plans for augmented reality, or AR

Reddit will soon let advertisers sponsor your posts, if that’s OK with you

Reddit is making an attempt to earn more advertising dollars by allowing brands to sponsor user-created content that's already been posted to the site, rather than running a traditional ad campaign.

Inhospitable planets pose as big a threat in ‘No Man’s Sky’ as hostile creatures

No Man's Sky features plenty of creatures ready to kill you, but its natural hazards such as extreme temperature and radiation might get you first. Luckily, high-tech equipment and natural resources will help you stay alive.

Frank West makes slaughtering zombies fun again in ‘Dead Rising 4’

Frank West, the protagonist from the original Dead Rising, brings his famous flair and attitude to Dead Rising 4, and he'll be fighting some smarter zombies. "Freshly infected" undead are much more aggressive enemies.