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Health & Fitness

Don’t stop now! The Polar Running Program helps you train for a marathon

Training for a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon? The Polar Running Program is here to help, offering personalized advice on how to properly train for a specific long-distance run.

More delays and a new operating system for the super secure Turing Phone

The Turing Phone was described as almost "unhackable," but it is running into some issues. The company has warned of another shipping delay, and has swapped the Android operating system for Jolla's more secure Sailfish alternative.
Cool Tech

3Doodler’s new Create Pen jumps off the page — letting you doodle in 3D

3Doodler, the company that created the world's first handheld 3D printing pen, is back with a new version of its flagship product. The new 3Doodler Create will replace the now retired 3Doodler 2.0, adding more refinements than you can count…

Tapping this box with your iPhone could change a child’s life

You already use Apple Pay and Android Pay to pick up lunch for yourself, so why not use the same tech to make a quick charity donation, and help buy lunch for some of the world's poorest children? That's the idea behind a contactless…
Product Review

Kindle Oasis Review

Amazon rewrites the book on ereaders with the outstanding Kindle Oasis.
Cool Tech

Watch live as the NOAA explores the Marianas Trench with robotic submarines

The Marianas Trench is full of secrets. A 69-day expedition is underway to study the ecosystem of the region as well as to map the areas surrounding the trench itself, and you can watch it all on a live stream, courtesy of NOAA.
Social Media

Instagram is stuffing even more ads onto its app in the form of video carousels

Get ready for even more ads on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is allowing brands to add videos, alongside photos, to its horizontal carousels. Meaning the scrollable adverts on your feed could last up to five minutes.

Side bezels? The Ulefone Future doesn’t know the meaning of those words

Recently announced by Chinese company Ulefone, the Future certainly lives up to its name with the inclusion of a USB Type-C port and a fingerprint sensor. The phone will be available for purchase later this month.

Don't even think about downloading apps for the privacy-focused UnaPhone Zenith

With the conversation of privacy increasingly pushing itself into the national spotlight, the UnaPhone Zenith is the latest privacy-focused smartphone to hit the market, but don't expect to download any third-party apps for it.

The LG G5 had a huge, controversial missing feature. Now it’s back

LG decided to forgo the familiar app drawer feature on the G5, leaving Android looking a little like iOS with home screens filled with app icons. Now, in a software update, the feature has been reinstated.
Social Media

Snapchat’s custom geofilters prove huge success with users snapping special events

Snapchat's custom geofilters are being purchased by the thousands every week by users looking to mark a special occasion with their very own designs. This despite the fact that filters can cost up to thousands of dollars.