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Google nabs 4Chan founder Chris Poole to boost social

Google has hired Chris Poole, the man behind one of the most popular and controversial link-sharing sites on the Web, 4Chan. The Internet giant is hoping Poole will help boost its own social-sharing features on Google+ and Google Photos.

LAPD actually warns residents not to microwave their iPhone 6

Not putting much faith in the common sense of Los Angeles residents, the LAPD issued a warning on Twitter this week attempting to dissuade the public from placing their iPhones in the microwave.

Fake ads suggest you can charge your iPhone 6 in a microwave

Just in case you've seen an advert for Apple Wave doing the rounds on social media, you can't actually microwave your iOS 8 device to charge it — it's just another prank from 4chan members.

North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, wins Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (sort of)

Kim Jong-un, the dictatorial leader of North Korea, has become Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2012. Except he hasn't. Oh, and it's all part of an elaborate joke.

Net sleuths track down Burger King at center of lettuce incident, three workers fired

It all happened so quickly. Earlier this week, a photo turned up on the web of a Burger King employee standing on some lettuce leaves wih the caption, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." It took Net sleuths a matter of minutes to…

Analysts say Google is planning to acquire 4chan (not really)

A press release from a firm of financial analysts says Google is holding discussions on buying 4chan. Of course it is.

University of LOLz: Digging for the roots of college memes

Facebook news feeds have been flooded with university-themed memes in recent weeks, but how did the currency of niche forums like 4Chan make it to the mainstream?

LulzSec wages war with Anonymous and 4Chan, releases 62,000 logins [update]

The Internet underground has erupted in civil war, with hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous facing off in a DDoS battle. Oh, and your most precious online accounts might also be at risk. Just FYI...

What? Encyclopedia Dramatica is evolving!

Encyclopedia Dramatica is evolving from a NSFW categorized site, into a site catered to a more general audience.

4chan founder Christopher Poole gives Reddit ‘AMA’ interview to promote Canvas

Christopher "moot" Poole gave an "Ask Me Anything" interview with the users of Reddit yesterday to promote his new venture, Canvas.

4chan plots to trick men on OKCupid into holding ‘involuntary flashmob’

The merry pranksters of 4chan and Reddit have devised a foolproof plan: Dupe as many desperately lonely men on dating sites as possible into holding an "involuntary flashmob" in Times Square by making them think they're meeting up with…

Did a 16-year-old girl help take down HBGary?

According to Forbes, one of hacktivist group Anonymous' active members claims to be 16-years-old and female, bucking the stereotypical hacker profile.