Could an 11-year-old genius be the 24th 'Overwatch' hero -- or is she its creator?

Though fans presumed that the hulking bruiser Doomfist would be the next Overwatch hero, Blizzard has other plans. Director Jeff Kaplan let the news slip on the game's official forums.

Blizzard is ditching XP and Vista — for real this time

Blizzard officially stopped supporting Windows XP and Vista last year, but has been keeping them ticking along in the background since then. That's set to stop very soon, so make sure you upgrade if you want to keep playing.

An ‘Overwatch’-‘GoldenEye’ crossover aims a Golden Gun right at your nostalgia

YouTuber Noilleber crafted the perfect crossover, one we didn't know we needed until now: GoldenEye 007 meets Overwatch. It hits anyone who played GoldenEye as a kid right on in the nostalgia.

'Overwatch' universe expands with permanent addition of Capture the Flag mode

During the Overwatch celebration of Chinese New Year, a new game mode was introduced in the form of Capture the Flag. The latest developer update has revealed that this mode will remain part of Overwatch, with additional maps on their way.

Gamers pull Xbox chief into debate over mouse and keyboard controls for consoles

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan doesn't appreciate players taking advantage of mouse and keyboard adapters for consoles. Blizzard wants console manufacturers to either ban the use or add official support for everyone.

Blizzard creates cross-game economy for ‘WoW,’ ‘Overwatch,’ and ‘Hearthstone’

Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft players can now exchange WoW Tokens, which can be purchased for in-game gold, and then spent on items or bonuses in Blizzard's other games.

Terry Crews gets chance to prove he should voice Doomfist from 'Overwatch'

Actor and former football player Terry Crews could be voicing the next character in Blizzard's Overwatch. Crews recently visited the studio as rumors swirled that he would be playing the unannounced "Doomfist."

Hearthstone voice actor's résumé lets slip details about upcoming expansion

Hearthstone's next expansion might be dinosaur-themed and headed to Southern Kalimdor to check out the Crater of Un'Goro. It seems there might be some lost secrets there worth discovering.

Take cover: 'Overwatch' hero Bastion is getting some big changes

Overwatch hero Bastion, who began the game as one of the most feared heroes, has suffered in recent months. A new update will change that, which increased viability in his "recon" form.

Blizzard’s Heroes of the Dorm competition is now a Facebook Live exclusive

Blizzard is accepting applicants for its 2017 Heroes of the Dorm esports competition as the annual live-streamed event moves from its former home at ESPN to the greener pastures of Facebook Live.

‘Overwatch’ Chinese New Year event brings capture-the-flag mode, new skins

Overwatch will receive a new holiday event on January 24. "Year of the Rooster" is Chinese Zodiac event that will star D.Va and Mei. We'll likely see a new game mode and additional skins.

Latest 'Overwatch' update brings floating health bars to the public test realm

Overwatch has received a number of updates over the holiday season, including the new Oasis map, but there is a new feature on the public test realm designed for spectators, rather than players.