‘Overwatch’ loses ‘Avoid this player’ option due to misuse

Blizzard's competitive first-person shooter Overwatch has lost a key matchmaking feature following complaints from one of the game's top players regarding their inability to find opponents.

How to win by playing as Hanzo in ‘Overwatch’

Hanzo has one of the biggest learning curves of any character in Overwatch, but with a few helpful tips, you’ll be picking off fools with your bow in no time. Check out our guide for a closer look at his skill set.

Billionaire tech magnates love ‘Overwatch’ too

It wouldn't be surprising to hear that Elon Musk has zero free time, given the amount on his plate — but the SpaceX and Tesla CEO has reportedly been able to squeeze a healthy dose of Overwatch into his schedule.

Why did Blizzard craft an engrossing story for Overwatch, then toss it away?

Blizzard's Overwatch is one of the best competitive shooters ever made, but due to the freedom to choose any character at any time, its story and gameplay can never truly reconcile.

No second chances: Blizzard drops the ban hammer on Overwatch cheaters

Blizzard has taken a no-nonsense stance on cheating in its new team shooter Overwatch, banning over 1500 Chinese players in the week since launch.

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ already has more than 7 million players

In less than two weeks, Blizzard's Overwatch has already been played by more than 7 million people for a collective time of 119 million hours. Given the game's quality, we don't blame them.

Join DT playing Blizzard’s Overwatch on Twitch

Join Digital Trends' Will Fulton playing Blizzard's newly-released hero shooter, Overwatch, on Twitch at 1pm EST.
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Even Level 80 Druids are going to be bored by the Warcraft movie

Even those who know their murlocs from naga and high elves from night elves are mostly just going to be bored by Warcraft.

Duty calls: Final ‘Overwatch’ short focuses on the gruff Soldier: 76

Overwatch is out today (kind of), and Blizzard has released a new CG short to celebrate, focusing on the gruff, menacing Soldier: 76. But underneath that tough exterior is a real hero.

How to conquer the world of Blizzard’s Overwatch, even on a wimpy gaming PC

Overwatch is one of the most attractive games to come out of Blizzard for quite some time, but that means it's also one of the most challenging to run. Which settings can you tweak, and which are dragging you down?

Blizzard comments on why it shut down Nostalrius fan server

If you don't protect your intellectual property when you can, the law might not be on your side when you need to. That seems to be the case with Blizzard and the fan-run World of Warcraft server Nostalrius, which the publisher recently shut…

You are not prepared! Illidan Stormrage returns this summer for World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion is launching this August, just two months after the release of Duncan Jones' Warcraft film. The new expansion sees the return of classic villain Illidan Stormrage.