Cool Tech

Drone lovers unite! DJI+Discover is the Facebook for drone fans

Are you looking for other drone lovers to chat with about your favorite new drone gear? DJI+Discover, DJI's new drone app, is aims to connect drone lovers and help people find drone professionals or recommended places to fly.

Microsoft wins the race against Google to offline translation on iOS

Google may be considered the king of translation apps, but Microsoft has something that Google doesn't -- offline translation on iOS. The new feature has launched with a whopping 46 languages.

Sunrise features come to Outlook with Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist integration

The Outlook Calendar on Android and IOS just got much more powerful. With today's update, you can now see event information, notes, and to-dos from Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist.

Sorry, Apple: This screen protector cuts out blue light and keeps display color intact

Less blue light means better sleep. Ocushield's screen protector cuts down on blue light without changing the color of your phone's screen. It's an alternative to software like Apple's Night Shift, which alters the color of your screen.

Redditors rejoice! Reddit has finally come through with an official mobile app

About time! Reddit has finally launched its own official mobile app for Android and iOS. The new app will replace the Alien Blue Reddit reader, which was bought out by Reddit last year.

See ya, Tips and Stocks! You may soon be able to hide stock iPhone apps

Do you use every single app on your iPhone? Soon you may be able to hide those pesky stock Apple apps that you just don't need. iPhone users have been waiting for this feature to arrive for some time, but it's just a rumor for now.
Virtual Reality

With VR View and a Cardboard SDK for iOS, Google wants to streamline virtual reality

If you're a VR developer interested in tinkering with Cardboard, you'll be pleased to know that Google has streamlined embedding for web and native apps in addition to adding iOS support to the SDK.

Apple is aware of crashes when tapping links in iOS 9, working on fix

Some iPhone users are having trouble with the recent iOS 9.3 update. First, there was an activation issue, and now, there's a problem with links crashing. Apple is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

You can remotely access any pic, video, or file that’s on your PC with this app on your phone

If you wish you could access the files on your computer from your smartphone, then Younity is the app for you. It gives you access to all your files from whichever device you happen to be using. It's now available on Android.

If iOS 9.3 bricked your iPhone or iPad, download this update from Apple

Apple has published an update to iOS 9.3, to fix activation problems people are having on iPhone 5S devices or earlier, and iPad Air devices and earlier. The update removes Activation Lock, so people can access their phone to complete the…

Despite Apple’s push for encryption, iMessage remains insecure

Despite Apple pushing hard against the FBI to improve encryption efforts, a professor and his pupils studying at John Hopkins University have discovered that iOS isn't as secure as you would think.

Would you use a Google keyboard on your iPhone?

Unhappy with your current mobile keyboard? Google is reportedly testing its own design for iOS users that it hopes will lead to increased use of its search tool. The keyboard may, for example, include a logo button that'll take users…