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The Lego Batman Movie’s second teaser in a week is even more hilarious

Less than a week after Warner Bros. released the Batcave teaser, the sturdio has released a new Wayne Manor teaser for the upcoming Lego Batman Movie. Compared to its predecessor, this latest trailer packs a bigger punch -- and…

Lego Marvel’s Avengers brings decent gameplay to well known movie scripts 3:47

Marvel's heroes return in "Lego Marvel's Avengers" giving fans the chance to replay scenes in their movies as Lego characters. See what we think about Lego's latest game in this quick video.

Check out this proposal for an official Monument Valley Lego set

Monument Valley fans rejoice! A fan-made Lego set based on the game is getting traction on the toymaker's community design platform, Lego Ideas.
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New ghost, possessed Kevin the Receptionist teased by upcoming Ghostbusters Lego set

These days, everything is Lego-ified, but the toy version of the upcoming, all-female Ghostbusters reboot may have just revealed a few things about the film that we didn't yet know.

This brilliant Lego PC case isn’t a novelty, it’s a technical marvel

Lego and PC enthusiast Mike Schropp has put together a build for the ages, combining his undisputed mastery in both fields to create a gaming PC that's utterly unique, inside and out.
Cool Tech

These wearable mechatronic wings react to stimuli, and you can make them with Legos

Of course, the wings won’t actually let you fly, but Wipprecht does ensure us that if you follow her instructions, the wings will look awesome and interact with your environment

Can BB-8 be made even cuter? Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens announced 1:53

Disney has teamed up with Warner Bros. and developer TT Games to produce an upcoming video game adaptation of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that renders its starring cast as Lego miniatures.

Nikon fans, you can now build a Nikon SLR camera entirely out of Nanoblocks

If you've both plenty of patience and a deep, unwavering dedication to purchasing all things Nikon, then you might be interested in this Nanoblock kit of the company's first ever SLR camera, the Nikon F.
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Lego-ified Marty and Doc travel Back to the Future in new fan-made video

If pop-culture has taught us anything in the last decade, it's that everything is better when remade with Legos. In advance of Back to the Future Day (October 21, 2015), we present to you: Brick to the Future Part II
Cool Tech

These little stackable magnetic Arduino boards work with LEGO making building a snap

MCookie, Microduino's new generation of little stackable Arduino-compatible modules is both magnetic and Lego compatible. If you thought you could do everything with Legos before, well, you were almost right, but now it's a hell…