Here’s a Leica that won’t break the bank, though there is a catch

Leica cameras are renowned for their solid build and impressive performance, but they cost more than most people can afford. We've just discovered a Leica costing only $45, though admittedly there is a slight catch.

From pixels to plastic: First official ‘Overwatch’ Lego sets arrive January 1

Blizzard has officially unveiled the full first wave of Overwatch-themed Lego sets. They arrive on January 1 and vary drastically in price, with the biggest costing $90 and the cheapest only $15.

Leaked ‘Overwatch’ Lego sets include Reinhardt, Winston, Mercy, and more

Target has released images for several upcoming Overwatch-themed Lego sets. The sets include a wide variety of characters from the launch-version of the game, as well as a few famous locations.

Adorable robotic murder-machine Bastion is the first ‘Overwatch’ Lego set

Bastion, the robotic defensive powerhouse from Overwatch, will be the first character turned into a Lego set. We also know that Tracer is on the way and it appears several other characters are coming, too.

From Xbox to plastic blocks: ‘Overwatch’ is leaping into Lego sets

Overwatch will be getting its own Lego sets. Blizzard made the announcement alongside a video of a small Tracer mini-figure that came to life in front of game director Jeff Kaplan.

Check out this life-size Bugatti Chiron made from over 1 million Lego pieces

Lego built a life-size Bugatti Chiron out of over 1 million plastic pieces. The car is even drivable although, with a top speed of 12.4 mph, it's nowhere near as fast as a real Bugatti Chiron.
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Watch this giant ‘Lego’ helicopter drone take to the skies

Adam Woodworth loves to build flying machines. His latest effort is a "Lego" helicopter created mainly from polystyrene foam, and which comes with a tiny drone attached to help get it airborne.

Kids help Volvo and Lego design the construction vehicles of the future

Volvo CE and Lego Technic collaborated with children in designing futuristic construction equipment models. The focus groups with children have resulted in patents for revolutionary concepts that may influence autonomous vehicles.

Lego partners with Apple to add augmented component to physical playsets

With the help of Apple ARKit 2.0, Lego has created a new augmented reality experience that supplements your physical Lego kits with virtual buildings, people, foliage, and vehicles.

Get a big discount on a Bugatti by buying it from Lego and making it yourself

We have good news if, like us, you want a Bugatti Chiron but you can't afford its $3 million price tag. You can get a big discount on the car if you're willing to build it yourself -- and buy it from Lego.

‘Lego DC Super-Villains’ turns the tables, lets you wreak havoc

TT Games and Warner Bros. have officially announced Lego DC Super-Villains, the latest game in the Lego Batman series. It arrives to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC this October.
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Watch a Lego robot prepare a perfect egg and bacon breakfast

We love Lego. We love robots. And we sure love breakfast. So what could be better than a Lego robot ready and willing to cook you breakfast? We're struggling to think of anything, to be honest!
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Elon Musk’s new idea involves Boring Company rock and ancient Egyptian sites

Elon Musk plans to sell Lego-like kits of tunneled rock that let you build replicas of ancient Egyptian monuments ... or a house. The rock comes from Musk's Boring Company, which is developing a subterranean transportation system.
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Virtual reality roller coaster ‘The Great Lego Race’ opens in Florida

Virtual reality brings new life to an existing roller coaster with The Great Lego Race, a Mario Kart-style animated blast through a detailed Lego landscape. The new VR attraction just opened in Legoland, Florida.
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Lego plants are going green with some help from actual plants

In an effort to increase sustainability and work towards zero waste, Lego will be switching from ABS plastics to plant-based plastic for some of its pieces. They will make their first appearance in Lego sets as early as this year.
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Buckle up for a thrill ride on the world’s largest Lego wooden roller coaster

Using almost a hundred thousand bricks, Lego architect Chairudo has created a massive replica of the El Toro Six Flags wooden coaster, complete with a camera in the front car so you can get the full minifig experience.
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Lego ‘Stranger Things’ video re-creates season 2’s best scenes

A fan-made Lego Stranger Things video shows season 2's highlights in a fun, new way. Coming in at just under five minutes, the video creatively recreates the most "tubular" scenes.

Lego AR-Studio blends the virtual and the physical for more block-building fun

Lego AR-Studio works with Apple's ARKit platform to overlay virtual blocks onto real-world environments, creating new and shareable experiences for Lego fans with dynamic scripts that bring virtual Lego characters to life.