FTC examining Apple App Store’s 30 percent ‘tax’ on rival music streaming apps

Apple Music has drawn plenty of attention lately, including the stern gaze of the Federal Trade Commission. The U.S. antitrust agency is examining Apple’s 30 percent cut of subscriptions fees for rival music streaming apps downloaded in…

Federal officials just used Spotify to track down two fugitives

Federal officials tracked down fugitives Brittany Nunn and her husband Peter Barr using information from their Spotify and Netflix accounts. After an investigator executed a search warrant, he discovered where she was by a Mexican IP…

Two runaway fugitives were caught in Mexico, all thanks to Spotify

Spotify helped authorities locate a woman and her husband who fled to Mexico with her children. The wife was expected to lose custody of her children, which is why she left the country.

Don’t pay the Apple tax, Spotify says, pay for Premium on our website instead

Spotify is urging its customers to stop paying for their premium subscriptions through the Apple App Store. Spotify is instead educating its users on how to pay directly through the Web.

Update: Facebook has no plans to develop music streaming service

Contrary to an earlier report, Facebook will not launch a music streaming service. The social media giant does plan on integrating an ad-supported music video platform on the service, though.

Prince reportedly pulls his music catalog from streaming services

Prince seems to be the latest artist to grapple over whether to stream or not to stream. Spotify posted a statement Wednesday, sharing that his publisher requested that his music catalog be pulled from "all streaming services."
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Chicago’s new cloud tax forces Netflix subscribers to pay 9 percent more

Definitely impacting cord cutters in the Chicago area soon, city officials have decided to extend the city's amusement tax to cover anyone that subscribes to a streaming audio, video or gaming service.

AC/DC unleashes their devilish catalog across multiple streaming sites

While the Australian hard rockers have been particularly opposed to embracing new music formats in the past, they've finally taken the plunge into streaming music, available across multiple formats including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and…

Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood sue Sony for devious dealings with Spotify

American Idol artists Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and 19 Recordings are suing Sony Music, saying that the major label worked a royalties deal with Spotify to shortchange its artists.

Trends with Benefits: Our worst ‘reply all’ mistakes, Taylor Swift conspiracies

This week, we recall our worst "reply all" mistakes in light of Gmail's new unsend feature, discuss the merits of "Taylor Truthers," whether Apple music can dethrone Spotify, and Lexus' new hoverboard.
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3 reasons Apple bowed to Taylor Swift’s demand to pay artists

In a highly-publicized social media rant, Taylor Swift once again called out a major streaming power, chastising Apple Music for its plans to withhold artist royalties during the service's free trial. Apple immediately backed down -- but…

Eternify uses 30 second loops to earn money for your favorite band on Spotify

Last year a band called Vulfpeck released a silent album and urged their fans to play it on Spotify while they slept to earn money for the band. A new web app called Eternify does a similar thing, but for any artist of your choosing.