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Facebook’s Music Stories allows iPhone users to share snippets on News Feeds

The social media giant will integrate 30-second clips of songs from Spotify and Apple Music on newsfeeds for its iOS app, making for a convenient way to share streaming music from your iPhone.

Spotify superstar Ed Sheeran claims he doesn’t ‘stream anything ever’

24-year-old English pop superstar Ed Sheeran may be the most-streamed artist on Spotify, but he doesn't use it. While he doesn't understand its popularity, he's grateful for its marketing power. 
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3 reasons I’m in love with Apple Music (and the 1 reason I can’t leave Spotify)

Apple Music and Spotify have emerged as counterpoints in the new streaming paradigm, with fans taking sides -- especially Spotify's. But, once you crack the code, there are some very cool reasons to give Apple Music a real shot. And one big…

Getting the ghouls together? Here’s 15 spooky songs to stream this Halloween

Beware, Halloween fans, we have rounded up 15 of the spookiest tracks on Spotify, ranging from classic oldies to modern hip-hop hits, to help creep you into the most monstrous weekend of the year.

Spotify does actually reduce piracy, claims the European Commission

According to a new study conducted by the European Commission, the availability of free music made possible by services like Spotify has indeed curtailed piracy in recent years, but it's not helping the music industry make money.

Spotify’s new In Residence feature takes on Apple’s Beats 1 radio

Spotify has launched a new radio-style playlist feature, which looks to compete with Apple Music's Beats 1 Radio by hiring celebrity musicians to curate new playlists and add commentary.

Pandora is losing the music streaming war, throws shade at Spotify

The war of the music streaming services is heating up, and Pandora is shaping up to be a big loser once the dust settles. The company announced a disappointing third quarter and has lost active listeners since Apple Music launched.

Marty, something had be done about your Spotify playlist! (So we fixed it)

In honor of Back to the Future Day, Spotify has created a missmash of tracks from Marty McFly's era (1985), and the future, i.e., right now. But, with picks like Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, we're not buying it. Check out our 2015 hits…

Ed Sheeran becomes first artist to cross 500M Spotify streams with one song

Spotify superstar Ed Sheeran just passed another milestone for the service, as his hit song Thinking Out Loud crossed 500 million streams. Sheeran is the first artist to hit that mark with a single song, pushing his overall streaming total…

What is martial industrial music? Here are 50 of the strangest music genre names on Spotify

Fallen angel? Ninja? Nerdcore? Wrestling? No, they're not Halloween costume ideas, nor are they high school stereotypes or personas. They're just some of the types of music listed on Spotify's list of the 50 genres with the strangest names

Spotify expects to reach 100 million users by year-end, but how many will be paying up?

The music streamer announced that it expects continued growth — despite Apple Music’s launch — in the second half of 2015. 100 million seems like a huge number, but there’s a caveat: most of its users are freeloaders.

Spotify vs. Apple Music: Who wins the ultimate streaming showdown? 2:22

Apple's new streaming music service, Apple Music, made its anticipated debut at WWDC 2015 and largely impressed the crowd. But how well might it stack up against Spotify? Follow us as we compare and contrast all we know about the…