Final Fantasy IX now out on Steam featuring enhanced graphics and ‘game boosters’ 1:47

Originally released for the first PlayStation console in 2000, Final Fantasy IX is now available for the PC on Steam featuring enhanced graphics and new features that let players progress through the game faster than ever.

Consortium: The Tower renews crowdfunding efforts on Fig

Interdimensional Games has relaunched its crowdfunding campaign for the next chapter in its Consortium sci-fi RPG series for PCs, announcing that backers can share in the game's profits by pledging their support via…

Did a California congressman really drop $1,300 on Steam purchases?

Representative Duncan D. Hunter, a California Republican, had $1,302 of Steam spending on his campaign disclosure, prompting an FEC investigation. Hunter says it was fraud, and will be refunded.

Windows 10 leaps ahead of 7 among Steam gamers

Windows 10 is behind Windows 7 in overall marketshare, but is winning in among Steam gamers. Cutting-edge users are embracing Microsoft's latest operating system, when free from the constraints of the IT department.

Teen hacker exposes security flaws by publishing unapproved game on Steam

A teenaged computer scientist published a fake game, Watch Paint Dry, to Steam to draw attention to security vulnerabilities in the developer site. The flaws have since been fixed.

Atari Vault launches with 100 games, controller support, and online features

Atari Vault is a collection of 100 classic Atari games from the 1970s and 80s. It is available for download on Steam and features online play, leaderboards, and controller support.

The Banner Saga 2 premieres for Windows, Mac on April 19

The Banner Saga series creator Stoic announced that its long-awaited sequel title, The Banner Saga 2, will debut for Windows and Mac via Steam on April 19, and early adopters can claim a pre-release discount.

Payday 2 hits SteamOS, goes free for the rest of March

The Windows PC version of the cooperative heist sim Payday 2 is now free to play on Steam until the end of March as developer Overkill Software commemorates the game's SteamOS launch.

Zero Escape series finale hits 3DS and Vita in June, Steam version in the works

Publisher and localization studio Aksys Games revealed that the final chapter in its Zero Escape series will launch for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in June, followed by a Steam release later this year.

Shadow Complex Remastered out on Xbox One, PS4 and Steam versions coming in May

A remastered version of developer Chair Entertainment's exploration-based platformer Shadow Complex is out now on the Xbox One, and its creators note that ports for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms via Steam are incoming.

Kaspersky finds 1,200 versions of ‘Steam stealer’ malware

Security firm Kaspersky has detailed findings that "Steam stealer" malware is becoming an epidemic, with users able to purchase a means of gaining access to other user accounts for as little as $30.
Virtual Reality

Battlezone reveals dynamic VR campaign in new trailer 1:18

Sniper Elite series developer Rebellion shows off the campaign mode featured in its upcoming PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift shooter Battlezone as part of a new trailer released this week.