Judge dismisses Wikimedia v. NSA lawsuit, says plaintiff arguments are based on speculation

In what's sure to be one of the most important cases of our time, the Wikimedia foundation has officially filed suit against the NSA in hopes of dismantling the agency's mass surveillance programs

Wikipedia switches to default encryption for its crowdsourced encyclopedia

Wikipedia and its associated sites are going encrypted — that makes it much harder for anyone to spy on your browsing patterns or limit which pages you can and can't see on the site.

Wikipedia looks back on 2014 in its first ever annual video

Wikipedia has pulled together a ton of site contributions from over the past 12 months to create a video offering a lightning look at 2014 and to celebrate all the effort that goes into building and maintaining the popular online…

Wikimedia refuses claim to delete a selfie taken by a monkey

Potentially a case for the legal system, a British wildlife photographer is in a dispute with the owners of Wikipedia over the validity of a copyright on a picture that was taken by a primate.

Tweetbot catches Russia making edits to Flight MH17 Wikipedia entry

After Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was brought down from the skies on Thursday, the debate continues to rage over who was responsible — and part of that debate is playing out on Wikipedia.

Follow @CongressEdits to see Wikipedia edits from the Capitol

A new Twitter account reveals all of the Wikipedia edits made anonymously from within the US Senate and House of Representatives, an attempt to improve transparency according to its creator.

Wikipedia adding voice recordings to famous people’s pages

A new Wikipedia project aims to record the voices of notable figures so that future generations can hear what they sounded like. Stephen Fry has contributed one of the first clips to the site.

TV, movies and celebs: Wikipedia’s top searches of 2013

The top searches on Wikipedia for 2013 have been revealed, with TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead proving popular. Movies, celebrities and politicians also appeared high up on the list.

Wikipedia escalates war with Wiki-PR, issues cease and desist letter

The gloves are starting to come off in the fight between Wikipedia and Wiki-PR. Wikipedia's latest punch comes in the form of a cease desist letter directly addressed to Wiki-PR's CEO.

Wikipedia editors are at war with paid PR ‘sockpuppets’

Wikipedia editors have gone after paid "sockpuppet" users allegedly hired by a company called Wiki-PR, which charges hundreds of dollars to write articles. Some 250 such users have been banned from editing the online encyclopedia so far.

Terms & Conditions: Wikipedia is open, but your user data isn’t

Wikipedia is all about openness. But as you might expect from a website mostly controlled by the community, its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy keep users' identities a secret. For Web users, that's about as good as it gets these days.

China censors Wikipedia ahead of Tiananmen Square anniversary

Just days before today's anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, Chinese authorities blocked the HTTPS encrypted version of Wikipedia, meaning that the only version available in the country was one that could be (and is)…