Electrolux EFME627UTT 8.0 Cubic Feet 600 Series Front Load Electric Dryer review

The Electrolux front load dryer has all the features you’d want, strong performance, and plenty of capacity for large families.
Electrolux Dryer dial

Ecovacs Deebot 960 Review: Wasted potential

A customer service rep gave me an 11-step troubleshooting process. Yeah, that didn't work
Deebot 960 sucking up chips

Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven Review: Fresh again

Ninja's Foodi is an air-frying device that's also a countertop convection oven, a toaster oven, and a dehydrator. This kitchen gadget is worth your attention.

Brava oven review

Using bulbs to cook food at different light frequencies, the Brava Oven lets even the clueless cook a tasty meal. But your own smart chef doesn’t come cheap.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator review

Samsung's 28-cubic-feet Family Hub fridge aims to not only keep your food cool, but also be the brains of your home via a large computer screen on the outside panel door. Just how smart is it?
samsung family hub refrigerator review refridgerator rf28nhedbsgaa prd

Ninja Foodi OP300 review

One of the complaints people have about pressure-cooked foods is that they can come out soggy. Ninja claims its pressure cooker can fix that. We tested out the Ninja Foodi OP300 to find out if Ninja delivers on its promises.
Ninja Foodi review

AmazonBasics Microwave review

Amazon has added to its long portfolio of products with the AmazonBasics Microwave, a small appliance that works with Alexa. We took the microwave for a test drive to find out more.

Tovala Steam Oven Generation 2 review

The Tovala Steam Oven is a countertop appliance that can serve up dinner in about 20 minutes with zero prep. The drawback is that the ready-to-heat meals, while tasty, are $12 each.

Anova Precision Cooker Nano review

Thinking about trying your hand at sous vide cooking? Anova recently came out with the smaller, more affordable Nano. The compact and easy-to-store precision sous vide immersion circulator is only $99. Here's our take on the device.

TaoTronics 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker review

Many of the electric pressure cookers on the market these days have added functionality and convenience beyond just pressure cooking. The TaoTronics pressure cooker, which has 10 different cooking modes, is one of those models. We tested out the device to see how it compares to others available now.
TaoTronics 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker review