“Batman” pulled over in Lamborghini along Maryland interstate


If you haven’t already heard, earlier this week the caped-crusaded himself, “Batman” was pulled over by Gotham City’s–err, Maryland’s Finest for speeding down Route 29 in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

The incident, which was caught on tape thanks to the in-car video from the police officers that stopped the Dark Knight, quickly went viral. And now thanks to the Washington Post, we have the scoop on this real-life Bruce Wayne.

It turns out the Batman in question is a man by the name of Lenny B Robinson. Robinson, a wealthy philanthropist, spends his days visiting sick children in hospitals in and around the Baltimore area. Driving around in his $225,000 Lamborghini, and $5,000 neoprene and leather Batsuit — which he had custom made from a professional costume maker – Lenny signs autographs, dishes out Batman toys, and above all, gives suffering children a superhero-sized helping of joy and happiness.

According to the report, Lenny began visiting sick children back in 2001 with his now teenage son who used to accompany him as Robin. What began as an obsession with Batman for his son has now turned into an inspiring tale of compassion and generosity, with Robinson reportedly spending $25,000 a year of his own money on Batman memorabilia and toys for the kids he visits.

So what’s next for Batman? According to the Post, Robinson is in the middle of having a real Batmobile built, although we’re not sure which film it will derive its inspiration from.

With the vast majority of viral videos out there usually involving something superficial, ridiculous, or idiotic, it’s refreshing to see one highlight someone that is actually out there making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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