Samsung EcoGreen F4 Hard Drive Aims for Power Efficiency

Power saving technologies have long been desirable in hard drives designed for notebooks and portable devices, but they matter in desktop and service hard drives too—particularly since those devices tend to be left running all day, every day, and consume a fair bit of power. Samsung is looking to address some of that problem with its new EcoGreen F4 hard drive, which claims to improve significantly on Samsung’s already power-sipping F3EG hard drives…along with offering the highest areal density of any hard drive on the desktop market.

samsung ecogreen f4 hard drive aims for power efficiency f4eg hdd

“Storage-hungry multimedia professionals, gamers and home PC users continue to increase the amount of video, music, photo, and other personal data they store and back-up,” said Samsung Electronics VP for storage sales I.C. Park, in a statement. “The F4EG delivers all the benefits of a low-power drive yet features top performance quality and is environmentally friendly.”

The new EcoGreen F4 features up to 667 GB or storage per platter, and claims just 6.3 watts of power consumption during sequential read and writes, 5.7 watts during random seeks, 5.1 watts when idle and just 1 watt while in standby mode. The drive also includes Samsung’s SilientSeek and NoiseGuard technologies for quiet operation, a 3 Gbps SATA interface, and 32 MB of buffer memory.

The Samsung EcoGreen F4s should be available in early September in 1.5 TB and 2 TB capacities, with prices starting at $119.99.