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Keep your eyes safe with Velocifire Computer Gaming Glasses (55 percent off)

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If you spend a good amount of time looking at a computer screen, your eyesight can be seriously compromised without the right level of protection. To ensure your eyes stay safe, opt for a pair of Velocifire Computer Gaming Glasses , which are currently 55 percent off on Amazon. These gamer glasses are specially designed to help protect your eyesight, no matter how long you stare at a screen.

Velocifire Computer Gaming GlassesThe glasses specifically help protect your eyes from blue light, which has the strongest frequency of the visible spectrum, right next to UV light. Blue light has a short wavelength and high frequency that make it highly penetrative, able to reach as far back as the retina in your eyes. With prolonged exposure, blue light can cause unpleasant side effects including digital eyestrain, headaches, dry eye, fatigue, and even insomnia.

These Velocrifire glasses feature an amber lens treatment that reduces high-frequency blue light, UV light, and glare emitted from many digital devices. They are able to block 65 percent of harmful blue light and 100 percent of UV rays. The result is decreased eyestrain, reduced headaches, and an improved your sleep cycle, which also means increased productivity at the office and more time to enjoy your favorite devices.

The glasses are crafted out of lightweight, durable frame materials that fit ergonomically with your face and head. In addition to feeling good, they look good with a structured frame that compliments various face shapes. The FDA-approved glasses have an antireflective coating, which further helps to reduce eye strain and make looking at a digital screen much more comfortable. In addition to providing protection against short-term health impacts, they also help prevent your chances of developing more serious, long-term problems such macular degeneration, cataracts, and complications from improper melatonin production.

The glasses come packed sturdily, and come with a free rugged black glasses box and a cleaning cloth to ensure they stay scratch free and easy to see through. These Velocifire Computer Gaming Glasses normally retail for $40 but are currently marked down to Velocifire Computer Gaming Glasses , saving you $22 (55 percent).

Velocifire Computer Gaming Glasses

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