Aluratek Libre ereader lands at Borders for $99

As the end-of-year holiday season approaches, competition in the ereader market continues to intensify: Borders has announced the Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro is now available for $99. The initial retail price for the Libre Pro was $169.

aluratek libre ereader lands at borders for 99 pro

Unlike Eink-based readers like the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, or Barnes & Noble Nook, the Libre relies on a 5-inch reflective light LCD screen technology that the company says looks like real paper but is stil easy on the eyes—and although LCD displays consumer more power than their Eink counterparts, Aluratek says the LIbre Pro should get 24 hours of reading time out of a single battery charge.

The LIbre Pro comes with 256 MB of built-in memory (packed with “100 timeless classics,” meaning well-known out-of-copyright books like Alice in Wonderland), and has an SD card slot for up to 32 GB of additional storage. The Libre supports PDF, ePub, MOBI, FB2, PRC< and RTF formats (although only it can only handle DRM for PDF and ePub), and can also serve as an MP3 music player and play tunes in the background while users are reading. As with other ereader, users can adjust the font and display size on the device, and users can flip the Libre between portrait and landscape modes. Users can sync between Macs and PCs using a USB connection, and buy titles through the Borders eBooks store, as well as free titles from sources like Google Books and Project Gutenberg.