Can your DSLR handle coffee spills, concrete kisses, and fire? Canon 7D can

Canon 7D stress test lit on fire

If it’s anything that makes us instantly sad, it’s seeing precious gadgets purposely smashed and torn apart just for the heck of it. But you have to admit, no matter how extreme these tests are, you still want to watch the videos to see how the gadgets fare. The usual victims of these tests are smartphones and tablets since they’re prone to more accidental drops, but what about digital cameras? Kai of DigitalRev TV received a request to prove just how the Canon 7D DSLR is and takes a donated set to the streets of Hong Kong to measure how it managed against all types of conditions.

Canon 7D frozen durability testThis ultimate stress test is truly the ringer for the Canon 7D. The DigitalRev TV team does everything to the poor camera, from hitting it with a bus to tossing it down concrete stairs to freezing it in an ice block and even lighting it on fire. And the best part of all? The mighty Canon 7D prevailed! Yes, even after multiple complete submersions in water and getting tossed in an oven and being lit on fire, the Canon 7D still managed to capture a photo worthy of lo-fi quality cameras. That’s one expensive way to get vintage photo filters on your DSLR, but hey, challenge accepted.

Sure, it may be a waste of a perfectly good and pricey gadget, but seeing the outcome that the camera is sturdy enough to handle all the ridiculous stunts is quite incredible. Unlike iPads getting shotgun bullets to the face, we’re a fan of stories with a happy ending… even if the Canon 7D walks away forever scarred.

Prepared to cringe then be blown away by the “Hardcore Durability Test” video below. Remember: Don’t try this at home!

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