Do a better job of hiding your valuables with the BedBunker


If you’re a regular watcher of Fox News, you may believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket and we’re not doing enough to protect ourselves or our morals. Fortunately for us, there are entrepreneurs out there who are more than ready to jump on American paranoia. 

Enter the BedBunker Concealed Gun Safe, a 10 gauge steel safe you hide under your bed to protect your firearms and valuables. The doors are 1/4″ 140 pound gas piston assist doors and the largest size only weighs about 1500 pounds. 

The BedBunker was invented by John Adrain, of the Heracles Research Corporation. The bunkers range in size from twin bed to California King and will cost you between $2,200 to $4,200. According to Heracles, the locks on the bunker are approved by the California Department of Justice and are similar to locks found in the Pentagon.

Just to give you an idea of how much this bunker can hold, you can store 35 rifles and 70 hand guns. While that is a ridiculous number, we imagine you could definitely survive the zomb-pocalypse with just one of these bed bunkers full of weapons.