Hacker builds augmented reality rig, uses it for anime romance

hacker augmented reality anime romance armiku

In Sega’s bizarre reality, Hatsune Miku is a spunky, green-haired singing sensation, like Britney Spears except more pixelated. In our reality however, Miku is a Yamaha-developed software program designed to synthesize human singing patterns in real time that somehow found itself imbued with far more distaff qualities than is usually appropriate. In both realities, Miku has attracted a surprisingly huge audience of dedicated fans, one of whom recently decided to blur the lines between the disparate universes.

Using an ASUS-branded camera system similar to Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral and a customized set of video goggles, Japanese YouTube user “alsionesvx” was able to create a functional augmented reality rig that allows him to alter his perceived reality to suit his whims. As you can see from the video embedded below, these whims include taking his virtual girlfriend, the aforementioned Hatsune Miku, on a date in a real world park.

While the video’s text is in Japanese, it’s pretty easy to pick up the gist of the clip by just watching the moving images. The beginning of the clip is alsionesvx explaining what went into the creation of his AR system, while the remainder is videotaped evidence of his romantic encounter. 

Before you jump into the comments to decry the idea of a man taking an anime starlet on a date as an abomination unto nature, we’d like to point out that it’s both been done before (have a look at the YouTube comments section) and is completely beside the point. We ought not look at this DIY project and be appalled at the weird, decadent things its creator decided to use it for, we should instead be imagining all the weird, decadent things that we could do with technology like this.

Personally I love the idea of walking through a park, when I’m suddenly ambushed by a gang of ninjas and have to fistfight each one. Until very recently the quickest way to achieve this was by by murdering a wise, old sensei, but with an AR system like this that experience could be virtually superimposed over our reality whenever I had the inclination for fisticuffs. Likewise, doctors (or any profession that requires constant access to critical information) could use this tech during surgery to keep track of a patient’s vital signs while working on their malfunctioning innards. 

Of course, it goes without saying that fully interactive augmented reality pornography would be a huge hit. Feign moral outrage if you want, but you’re lying if you claim the idea isn’t intriguing.

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