Handpresso Auto creates piping hot espresso right in your car

Handpresso Auto

Imagine this scenario: You’re stuck in a massive traffic jam after a long day of work. Every song on the radio sucks, you’re bored of all the CDs you have stuck in your audio player, and what you really want is to magically transport home for little nap on your oh-so-comfortable couch. As the traffic moves but ever so slowly, you get sleepier. Hey! How about a cup of espresso?

With Handpresso Auto, you don’t have to leave your car to get yourself a pick-me-up. This handheld device only needs to be plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket to heat up. All you have to do is place a packet of strong coffee under the lid, add some water, and let steam do the work. The Handpresso Auto needs approximately 140 watts to power up, and takes about two minutes to brew a single cup. When your espresso is ready, you will hear three beeps followed by the beverage dispensing from below the coffee maker. Be sure to have your cup readily placed before the beeps come.

The device weights just under two pounds and is shaped like a water bottle, so you can easily store it in your car for emergency coffee breaks. You can also purchase various espresso packets, or “easy serving espresso pods,” which come in a variety of brands like Illy and Lucaffé. The E.S.E. pods come in boxes 18 to 200 pods, depending on how much caffeine you aim to consume on a regular basis. Obviously, buying in bulk will allow you to enjoy economy of scale.

Of course, we recommend you only use Handpresso Auto while the car isn’t moving so you’re not multitasking when you shouldn’t be. Using it while you’re driving is not only dangerous, but you run the risk of spilling coffee all over the place. Still, an idea of a mobile barista, or having someone sitting in shotgun make you some espresso during a long road trip sounds fun and convenient. It’s not all too likely you’ll run into a nice coffee shop along highways when you take your bathroom and gas breaks.

Handpresso has previously been known to help people make their own espresso on the go. Last year, we covered the Outdoor Handpresso Kit which helps you enjoy a jolt of caffeine virtually anywhere, and it comes in a neat carrying case.

The Handpresso Auto will run you €149, or just about $200 USD, with an 18-count box of espresso pods adding another €8.50 or $12 USD. Unfortunately, the product seems limited to a European availability so it might take a while for Handpresso to start marketing in the United States. That, or you can pay a hefty shipping fee if you absolutely must have a mobile espresso machine.

Still can’t get the image of how this device works? Watch this promotional video below to get all your questions answered.