HomePlug AV Spec Enters Final Stage

The HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc. is entering the final stage of the specification development process for HomePlug AV, a technology poised to change the way that HDTV, Digital Audio, andInternet access are distributed around a home. The alliance has reached a significant milestone by completing the advanced preliminary specification for HomePlug AV, and is now inviting companies inthe home networking, consumer electronics, computing, and communications industries to join the alliance and contribute to the final version of the specification.

“This is a truly great technology that has broad applications both inside and outside of the home,” commented Oleg Logvinov, president of the alliance and president and CEO of Arkados, Inc. “With HomePlug AV, people will be able to transfer high-definition video and digital audio by simply connecting the device to an electrical outlet. The technology inside is complex, but it is designed to be incredibly easy-to-use.”

The advanced preliminary specification for HomePlug AV technology is the result of a combined effort of several leading proponents of powerline technologies. After laboratory tests and field trials bore out the best-in-class methods from submitted technologies, the alliance combined contributions from several proponents into a single baseline technology. By melding the best methods, the alliance established a baseline superior to any of the individual proposals. Following the creation of the baseline technology, the alliance created the advanced preliminary specification now being released to the alliance’s Specification Working Group (SWG) for further input.

“HomePlug AV will serve as the digital media networking backbone for the emerging broadband digital home,” said Peter Kempf, vice president of marketing, Wireless and Residential Gateway Access Products for Conexant. “Robust whole house coverage combined with strong quality of service to deliver HDTV distinguishes HomePlug AV from the other media networking technologies and creates a ubiquitous digital media experience in the home.”

The advanced preliminary specification for HomePlug AV is the result of a combined effort of leading proponents of powerline technologies. HomePlug AV will deliver the following benefits:

— 200-Mbps class networking, enough to carry multiple HDTV programs around a house

— An advanced Physical Layer that offers near-capacity throughput performance and exceptional coverage for robust communications over noisy power line channels

— A high-efficiency MAC layer that incorporates both scheduled access (TDMA) with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, and contention access (CSMA). Features that are a must for the demands of multi-media content delivery include guaranteed bandwidth reservation, tight control of latency and jitter, and high reliability.

— Advanced Network Management functions and facilities capable of supporting plug-and-play, user and service provider set-up and configuration

— Co-existence modes enabling Broadband over Powerline (BPL) co-existence, multi-network operation, hidden node service, and backward compatibility with HomePlug 1.0

“Building on the proven performance of HomePlug 1.0, HomePlug AV will set a new standard for the distribution of digital media in the home,” said Charlie Harris, chairman and chief executive officer of Intellon Corporation. “Nothing on the horizon can match the reliable whole house performance, quality of service, ease of use and number of convenient outlets offered by HomePlug AV.”

All current sponsors and participant-level members of the alliance are invited to join the Specification Working Group (SWG), which is holding its first meeting on Wednesday October 27th and Friday October 28th in Dallas, Texas.

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