Mattel Launches Personal Media Player

Arriving at retail nationwide on Oct. 17, Juice Box, a personal media player from Mattel, Inc., will feature category exclusive, full-color video content from some of today’s hottest music, television and action sports personalities; play MP3 music files; and enable viewing of digital photos.

Juice Box is the first personal media player designed to meet the lifestyle and entertainment interests of today’s tweens. One of the smallest and lightest personal media players on the market to date – easily fitting into almost any pocket – Juice Box enables tweens to play back videos in full-color and in stereo sound with headphones. Two added capabilities – built-in firmware that will play downloaded music from MP3 files and enable photo viewing through an expansion pack – make Juice Box the most versatile media player designed for young people.

Video, music and photo content for Juice Box are delivered through proprietary Juice Box media cards called Juiceware that can store up to 176 minutes of plug-and-play entertainment.

Available titles from Mattel for Juice Box will include tunes and videos from today’s hottest music acts; cartoon, reality and other popular television programming; action sports videos; and behind-the-scenes footage of entertainers popular with tweens.

Mattel Juice Box

Among key content players with whom Mattel has partnered include:

— BMG Music – for music videos from popular, contemporary artists;

— Cartoon Network – for animated shows such as “Ed, Edd n Eddy” and “Kids Next Door;”

— 4Kids Entertainment – to feature content from shows such as “Yu-Gi-Oh!” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles;”

— The Learning Channel (TLC) and Discovery Channel – for content from shows such as “Trading Spaces” and “Motorcycle Mania,” respectively.

— Vans Triple Crown Series – for highlights from its surfing, skateboarding and BMX championships;

— WWE – for programs featuring World Wresting Entertainment Superstars, including “Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story” and “Rey Mysterio-619 Style!”

Additional content partners and Juiceware titles – including many from popular music – will be announced closer to launch date.

A special Juice Box MP3 Starter Kit (sold separately) comes with a standard Secure Digital or Multi Media Card, enabling tweens to play MP3 files or view JPEG digital photo files transferred from their PCs. The Starter Kit also provides tweens the ability to rip audio CDs into MP3 files and then download and playback from the Juice Box.

“Juice Box is the latest Mattel lifestyle brand that connects squarely with tweens’ interests,” said Phil Jackson, vice president, marketing, Mattel Brands. “Juice Box(TM) combines innovative technology with ‘on trend’ content to provide tweens the entertainment they crave wherever and whenever they want it, at a very affordable price. There is no other device developed with young people in mind that can match Juice Box(TM) for functionality, rich content, ease-of-use, and price.”

More about the Juice Box

Powered by three AA batteries (not included), Juice Box can play hours of content without interruption or skipping, making it perfectly portable. Its approximate 3-inch video screen features a “flip” screen cover to protect it while being transported in a backpack, book bag or bike pouch. Listeners can enjoy stereo sound through headphones, or listen with friends through a built-in speaker.

Highly stylized with a soft-touch texture, Juice Box will be available in three color choices at launch (bright red, cobalt blue and lime green) for an estimated retail price of $69.99, which includes sampler content from 4Kids, Cartoon Network and Vans Triple Crown.

Juiceware media cards featuring Juice Box content will be available separately from an approximate retail price of $9.99 for two episodes of animation, up to an approximate retail price of $24.99 for full-length features.

Juiceware video is compressed with proprietary technology developed by 4Kids Entertainment, Inc.

The Juice Box MP3 Starter Kit, which includes a blank 32MB SD or MMC card, software, Flash card adaptor and USB card reader/writer, will be available for an approximate retail price of $44.99.

Additional accessory choices will include headphones, a sleek carrying case, and car and home adapters to extend battery life.