PhatBox Digital Audio Player

If you’re looking for a way to bring your digital music along with you in your vehichle, PhatNoise may have a solution for you. Their PhatBox Digital Media Players hook up to existing car head-units and work by emulating the stereo’s CD changer controls. The result is a trunk-mounted hard drive that can store 20GB and more of digital audio.

By emulating the existing CD changer protocol, the PhatBox seamlessly integrates with a wide selection of head units, including those of several car manufacturers and aftermarket manufacturers.

The PhatBox plays digital audio in MP3, WMA, and FLAC formats, as well as the Audible format for spoken word content such as books and magazines from

Data is stored on a removeable “DMS” cartridge, which is cartridge with an IDE hard drive inside it. The cartridge can be connected to a Windows PC with the included USB 2.0 cradle. Cartridges are currently available in 20GB, 40GB, 60GB and 80GB sizes.

The device can be controlled by your car stereo controls or with the SSA/Voice Interface which reads media content to you (on some models). The PhatBox comes with a media manager software that allows you to organize audio tracks and create playlists, which are readable by the player.

The PhatBox is currently compatible with select head units from the following car and aftermarket stereo manufacturers:

Acura – Audi – BMW – Ferrari – Ford – Lincoln – Mercury – Honda – Infinity – Kenwood – MINI – Nissan – Porsche – Range Rover – Sony – Toyota – TrafficPro – Volkswagen

The PhatBox trunk-mounted music storage system by PhatNoise.

PhatNoise also offers a home-based digital media player that accepts the DMS cartridges. Pricing for the PhatBox starts at $739 for the Sony-compatible model with a 20GB DMS cartridge. For more information or to purchase PhatNoise products, visit the company’s Website at

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