Sony teases Dot Switch technology, more details to come in February

Sony Dot SwitchA teaser video from Sony has been released demonstrating a new product named Dot Switch, that seemingly lets you control a variety of devices from a Sony smartphone.

The clip shows someone tapping a big glowing button on the screen of their Xperia phone, which then activates different devices ranging from the improbable — a gramophone and confetti cannons — to the more likely, a Sony flatscreen TV and a remote light dimmer.

Once it’s over, the video guides you to a Sony website that has some Japanese text under the words “New entertainment from Sony,”  the Dot Switch name and a date, February 21. The official Dot Switch Twitter account says that “a new multi-screen entertainment” system will be announced on this date.

Exactly what Dot Switch will be isn’t clear, with speculating it’ll be DLNA style content sharing, while links it to Sony’s “four-screen” concept of multiple Sony devices seamlessly communicating with each other.

This concept was outlined by Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer last year, and was described at the time as being ready to launch. The “four-screen” name refers to phones, tablets, televisions and computers.

Before we all get too excited, it’s worth remembering that all the information we have so far on Dot Switch is in Japanese, and the promo site itself has a .jp extension, so there’s a very good chance whatever Dot Switch turns out to be, it’ll debut in Japan.