Still Life interactive painting brings art to life


While we certainly appreciate art and all that it provides, there is no denying that most images don’t offer the level of interactivity that we have grown accustomed to, what with the invention of the smartphone and the success of tablets. Images tend to be –well, too still and motionless.

Perhaps that is what drove digital artist Scott Garner to create an interactive piece of art and motion sensing frame he calls Still Life, which is anything but stationary.

Using a program called Unity 3D and some other programming know-how, Garner was able to fasten his movable work of art to a custom-frame television and rotating mount. Behind the frame sits a spatial sensor which has been paired to a camera so that the image can recognize when it is being tilted, or rotated, and react accordingly.

No idea if Garner plans sell these digital works of art, but if you’re interested you can head over to his website and check out more of his work.