What in the world are these spikey headphones you wear on your face?

OneSense Spikey Headphones

People love blasting music in their headphones because they like being off in their own world, shutting down whatever is happening around them to move to the beat of their drum. Now you can take musical isolation to the next level by putting on these OneSense headphones to block out images of your surrounding and scaring off anyone who approaches.

The design by Joe Doucet Studio claims the OneSense symbolizes “the human need for periods of peace and tranquility.”

Technology allows for a constant bombardment on our senses, where tablet computers and smartphones mean we are reachable 24/7,” the site reads. Sure, that’s true, but if you ask us, red spikes are kind of the opposite of peacefulness?

OneSense Headphone Side view

The OneSense isn’t made to rival your everyday Beats Audio or Skullcandy headphones either; in fact, the official site lists no specifications at all. All we know is it does look pretty darn crazy. These babies will purposely obscure your vision so you can focus on the sound of your music instead of whatever other gadgets you own. Phone’s a-ringing? Tablets are buzzing? Forget them! Don’t they know you’re jamming to your new favorite tune?

The designer also explains the rationale behind choosing red spikes as the feature, claiming that the color of red denotes a sense of warning. The spikes also represent defense, and the combination of these features help to alert people (or gadgets) not to intrude. It’s a bit passive aggressive… not that anyone would ever walk up to a vision-impaired person with a porcupine strapped to their face.

Another great unintended feature of the OneSense is its lack of interference with your hair. And maybe if you get annoyed of your phone constantly buzzing at you, you can just smash it against the OneSense to put it out of its misery. Perhaps there are some odd benefits to having a pair of headphones across your face instead of over your head.

Unlike most concept designs that take years to come to fruition, or never make it out as a product at all, you can try these wild headphones in person. If you happen to be in Milan, Italy from April 17th to the 21st, you can sample the OneSense at the MeetMyProject exhibit. Just be sure to have a seat or stay put with these on. People will keep far, far from you, but you also don’t want to run into anyone with these spikes.

Joe Doucet is also bringing his experimental designs to a full exhibition in May when his complete set of work, including the OneSense, arrives to New York City. We’ll try to keep a look out to see if these look as badass in real life as they do in the pictures.