Wired Wyatt’s caffeinated maple syrup: Liquid crack for your flapjack stack

wired maple syrup liquid crack for your flapjack stack screen shot 2012 09 27 at 11 28 53 amLets face it: Getting up in the morning hurts something awful, and without some kind of stimulant, many of us find it hard to function properly. We here at DT are caffeine addicts, and we’ve tried just about everything to get our daily dose of vitamin C — from gigantic cups of coffee, to time-release capsules, and even aerosol sprays. These all work to varying degrees, but wouldn’t it be nice to get your fix while you eat a stack of toaster waffles? A maple syrup engineer by the name of Wired Wyatt has concocted an elixir that makes it possible.

Sure, caffeinated syrup might sound like a cute way to sneak in a small dose of extra energy, but don’t be fooled — this stuff packs a punch. In every tablespoon of this all natural maple syrup (seriously, check the ingredients), there are 84mg of caffeine. To put that in perspective, most energy drinks have 80mg or less, and a typical shot of espresso has around 75mg. Since a bottle of Wired Wyatt’s magical breakfast potion costs $13 and there are 14 servings in each one, you end up paying about 92 cents per serving — less than half of what most energy drinks cost.

However, if you’re the type who likes to drown your breakfast in syrup, you should probably be careful with this stuff. Use too much on your short stack and you might have trouble convincing your probation officer that you quit smoking crystal meth.

Get your hands on a bottle here.