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Cyber Monday 2022 deals — what to expect

Best Cyber Monday Deals 2021 include major electronics at bargain prices.

Cyber Monday deals mark the last major sales event each year. Just as Presidents Day sales kick off the year with deals on a wide range of categories, Cyber Monday bargains include the full gamut of highly sought-after products. Cyber Monday follows Black Friday as a continuation of the massive opportunity to save on holiday shopping and on year-end sales. There are tons of deals and discounts on Cyber Monday, so many in fact that finding the best prices can seem a daunting task. We’re here to empower your planning for Cyber Monday so you can save time and narrow your searches.

When is Cyber Monday 2022?

Cyber Monday 2022 comes earlier than usual this year. Each year Cyber Monday is on the Monday following Black Friday, which is the day after Thanksgiving. By tradition, Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November. So, this year, since Thanksgiving is on November 24 and Black Friday is November 25, the official date for Cyber Monday is November 28, 2022.

But don’t plan for Cyber Monday by only considering the single day. As has happened with many sales events, especially Prime Day and Black Friday, realistically Cyber Monday begins and ends when the major retailers offer Cyber Monday deals. That may sound counter-intuitive, but merchants work hard to encourage customers to visit their stores and websites as many days as possible. Also, because competition among retailers is fierce, starting a sale earlier than other retailers and, less often, extending an event longer are common sales tactics. In the end the customer wins, because extended sales calendars mean customers have more time to find the best deals, assuming inventories last.

So you can argue that Cyber Monday starts with the first Black Friday sales  — that’s if you see Cyber Monday as a continuation of Black Friday. Otherwise, for some merchants, Cyber Monday deals begin as soon as Black Friday ends. While some merchants end Cyber Monday sales at midnight that Monday, others continue through Tuesday, calling it Cyber Tuesday. You’ll also find many retailers who run the same sales for Cyber Week.

Is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday?

There is an argument that you can find better deals and fewer shoppers competing for the same items during Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday, but, with limited exceptions, we don’t recommend that you skip Black Friday to hold off until Cyber Monday to start shopping for deals.

If you think of Cyber Monday as an extension of Black Friday you’ll be closest to the truth of the two sales events — at least as they exist now. It’s fair to say that Cyber Monday grew from Black Friday. In 2005 officials of the National Retail Federation declared the first Cyber Monday sales event in a move to encourage online shopping. Black Friday’s origins began in traditional brick and mortar stores that wanted to clear out extra goods to make way for and to start the annual holiday shopping season.

However, when online shopping sites had Black Friday sales and retail stores ran Cyber Monday events, the difference in venues between the sales events blurred then disappeared. Because the term “cyber”  implies intelligent electronics, a few merchants focused on that aspect to highlight sales of computers, video games, and the whole range of home electronics. Today, however, even the types of goods on sale are similar for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

During 2020 and 2021, pandemic-related shortages and shipping delays led Digital Trends and others to recommend that shoppers buy good deals as soon as they saw them or risk missing out because of shallow inventory stocks. It’s likely that retail inventories in 2022 will still be somewhat lower than in pre-pandemic days, but most indications are that shelf stocking will be deeper this year.

With online shopping site inventories refreshed and refilled, you can expect that most products will be in ample supply, especially with major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Experience and our ongoing research also indicates that prices are pretty much the same throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday for most products on sale at any specific merchant.

It’s certainly the case that retailers like to have special deals exclusive to Cyber Monday, that way shoppers won’t spend all their money during Black Friday and stop visiting merchant sites. You have to figure that retailers don’t want to miss out on sales transactions during Black Friday. So, weighing some number of shoppers disappointed because they didn’t buy early enough versus carrying leftover inventory, possibly into the next year, shopping sites will try to sell as much as possible during Black Friday and then hopefully move the rest of the merchandise during Cyber Monday. Our suggestion is to do your research early on the specific products you want, decide the sale prices that are low enough so you’ll push the Buy button, and then take action when you see the right price. If you have money left after Black Friday you can still search for deals during Cyber Monday.

Which retailers have the best Cyber Monday deals?


If you’re like many shoppers, you’ll start your Cyber Monday shopping on Amazon, especially for most electronics. Amazon is the best place to look for deals on Apple products such as iPads, AirPods, Apple Watches, and iPhones. Amazon’s deep inventories give the online giant an edge offering a wide selection of most major brand products. You can find excellent deals on laptops and tablets plus smart home and security devices. Amazon has especially strong discounts for its owned brands such as Amazon Echo, Blink, Ring, eero, and Fire Tablets.

Best Buy

Best Buy is a top site for sales on super-sized TVs, with excellent discounts during Cyber Monday. You can also shop Best Buy for a deep selection of computing and home entertainment products. Best Buy’s in-store pickup and returns for items ordered online, but you can also take advantage of the stores to try out different laptops and see TV screens before ordering online during Cyber Monday sales.


Be sure to check out Dell‘s website for Cyber Monday deals on computing and gaming electronics. Dell carries more than just its own brand components and accessories, and often has unbeatable discounts on gaming laptops, monitors, and more.


Gamers and people shopping for gifts for gamers know Gamestop is a treasure trove of Cyber Monday bargains for cheap video games, console accessories, monitors, and pretty much everything related to gaming.


When you’re looking for bargains on home or business computers HP is always one of the first sites to visit. HP’s deals are especially strong during Cyber Monday sales on gaming PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, monitors, and printers. You can find incredibly low-prices on HP printers in all price categories.


Check out Kohl’s Cyber Monday sales for jaw-dropping bargains on clothing, home decor, and kitchen appliances. Kohl’s regularly offers 50% off or even more on clothing sales, so don’t miss out.


Lowe’s doesn’t hold back on deals during Cyber Monday. Lowe’s is especially aggressive on bargains for home decor items and offers up to 60% off home major appliances such as refrigerators. Don’t forget to check out Lowe’s Cyber Monday deals on outdoor equipment such as grills, smokers, and fire pits.


Whether you’re setting up or refreshing your home office or refitting business offices, Staples is your go-to for Cyber Monday deals with big savings on laptops, home office furniture, business hardware and electronics, and even business supplies. Staples has an extremely deep selection of office chairs with great deals at every price point.


Target has excellent deals on 4K TVs, cheap kitchen appliances, cameras, smartphones, and tons of stocking fillers. Target’s home decor selection features curated collections and individual items to save you time as well as money. Target’s online selection of Cyber Monday deals is much broader than in the physical stores, but you can also enjoy the convenience of local store returns.


Walmart leads other online retailers for its wide range of brands and deep model selection of 4K greater super-sized TVs on sale during Cyber Monday. You can often save even more with previous years’ models, just be aware that you’re not buying the most recent technology when you take advantage of those deals. Other specific categories for outstanding Cyber Monday deals at Walmart include laptops, games, game consoles, and small home appliances.

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