Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Operations Hastings trailer

battlefield bad company 2 vietnam operations hastings trailer bfbc2

On December 21, the highly anticipated expansion pack to Dice’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 will take the series to Vietnam with four new maps, six new vehicles, and 15 new weapons. BFBC2 fans have been waiting for this pack for months now, but EA has dropped a new surprise. A fifth map called “Operation Hastings” has been announced, and it will require the help of the community to unlock.

To unlock the map, players will need to perform 69 million team actions. A team action is when a player resupplies, revives, heals, repairs, or spots teammates. Each platform will require its respective community to hit that 69 million number, so for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 to all feature that fifth map, 207 million team actions will be completed.

The Vietnam map pack will be released on the PC on December 18. Xbox 360 and PS3 users will be able to download it on December 21.

(Warning: Trailer may not be safe for all ages)