Xbox Doom 3 May Slip To 2005

“Speaking to CNN/Money’s Chris Morris at QuakeCon last week, Hollenshead said that while a 2004 release for the SKU “could happen,” “that’s not our focus right now – our focus is on the gameplay.”

“Doom 3 is a game that on the PC is very finely tuned,” he explained. “There was a lot of play balancing. The stuff that was supposed to be tense resulted in a lot of tension for players. The stuff that was supposed to be scary makes people crap their pants. We want the Xbox version to be just as good.”

The Xbox version of the game is being created by Vicarious Visions under the watchful eye of id Software, and like the PC version, will be published by Activision – who are reportedly still pushing for a 2004 launch.”

If you havent had a chance to try out DOOM3 on your PC, then you need to head to your local store and purchase it. As long as your system can handle the game, its worth checking out. It will be a major blow if Microsoft does not get this game in time for the holiday season.

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