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the wikipedia logo on a pink background

You can probably guess Wikipedia’s most-viewed article of 2023

Wikipedia has released its annual list revealing its most viewed pages from the last 12 months, and you can probably guess what comes out on top ...
The Apple logo on the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Much-desired iPhone feature may not arrive until 2027

A design feature that's gradually making its way to Android phones may not arrive on the iPhone for another four years.
Two players stand in Squid Game: The Challenge.

When is the Squid Game: The Challenge season 1 finale streaming?

Netflix's latest reality show sensation is about to end. Find out when to watch the Squid Game: The Challenge season 1 finale and which players are left to win.
The International Space Station.

Watch the birth of the International Space Station 25 years ago

Exactly 25 years ago, the U.S. Unity module linked together with Russia’s Zarya module in Earth orbit, marking the beginning of the International Space Station.
James Stewart and Donna Reed in It's a Wonderful Life.

Where to watch It’s a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life is one of the most beloved Christmas movies ever made, and you can stream it or watch it on TV this holiday season.
A robot vacuum by Eufy that offers home mapping and 2,000 Pa suction.

The best robot vacuums for 2023

Robot vacuums are a convenient way to clean your home, free your hands, and minimize the weekly chore list. Here are the best robot vacuums of 2023.
Cyberpunk 2077 running on the Alienware 34 QD-OLED.

The best HDR monitors for gaming, content creation, and more

To properly enjoy HDR you need a good monitor that fully supports it. Here are the displays gamers, content creators, and enthusiasts should look out for.
Matt Damon in The Informant.

3 underrated movies on Max you need to watch in December

There's no shortage of thrills and dramatic tension in the three underrated movies on Max that you need to watch in December.
A player drives a motorcycle through Reckless Railways in Fortnite.

Where to find the secret cave in Fortnite

You can never have enough loot in Fortnite, and there's a secret cave that can get you kitted out with some high-tier equipment if you know where to find it.
A 2021 iPad Pro is attached to a keyboard on a desk.

Apple has an iPad shocker planned for early 2024

The OLED iPad Pro might arrive early in 2024. But there could be a surprise 12.9-inch iPad Air as well.
AMD revealing its Ryzen 8040 CPUs.

AMD’s new Ryzen 8040 CPUs aren’t all that new

AMD revealed its new Ryzen 8040 laptop CPUs, but looking closely at the specs, it doesn't look like there's much new with them at all.
AMD's CEO presenting the MI300X AI GPU.

AMD is taking the gloves off in the AI arms race

With the new MI300X GPU and MI300A APU, AMD is finally taking the AI fight back to Nvidia.
Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in Point Break.

3 underrated action movies on Amazon Freevee you should watch in December

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and with the three underrated action movies on Amazon Freeveee that you should watch in December.
ChatGPT versus Google on smartphones.

Google might finally have an answer to Chat GPT-4

Gemini, Google's newest expansive language model, initially previewed at the I/O developer conference in June, is now being introduced to the general public.
A person wearing the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Google Pixel Watch 2 review: Google really did it

Google really had a challenge on its hands with the Pixel Watch 2, but happily, it has returned with a wearable that impresses in almost all areas.
An iPhone on a Peak Design travel tripod.

The living room tripod is now officially a thing you need

If you have an iPhone and an Apple TV, you need one more thing to perfect your holiday group video calls — a tripod.
Reddit Recap 2023 on an iPhone.

Reddit Recap 2023: how to find yours now

What were your favorite communities on Reddit in 2023? How about your most popular posts? This information (and more) is available in Reddit Recap 2023.
The top corner of Gmail on a laptop screen.

Here’s what to do when you inevitably run out of Gmail storage

The last thing you want is your Gmail storage to be full, and you can't receive any more emails. Fortunately, it's super quick and easy to fix. Here's how.

How to delete Arlo Activity Zones

You can delete an Arlo Activity Zone using either the smartphone app or the official Arlo website. Here's a closer look at what you'll need to do.
The Google Pixel 8 Pro laying face-down on a wood bench.

Your Google Pixel 8 Pro is about to get an incredible update

With the December feature drop, the Pixel 8 Pro gets the superpower to natively run Google's Gemini Nano AI model — and lands cool new tricks as well.
Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler sit together in a restaurant in a scene from Blended.

3 rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in December

The 3 rom-coms on Prime Video you need to watch in December 2023 include two that are Christmas-themed and an Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore classic.
Characters sit at a table in Nirvana Noir.

Day of the Devs brings surprising sequels, a truffle pig RPG, and more must-see games

Before the Game Awards, we got some seriously strange world premieres in an eclectic Day of the Devs live stream.
The Apple Watch Ultra 2 next to the original Apple Watch Ultra.

This is how the Apple Watch needs to change in 2024

2023 was a good, but but quiet year for the Apple Watch. Here's what Apple needs to change in 2024 to make next year better.
The cast of Zoe's Extraordinary Christmas.

3 underrated movies on Peacock you need to watch in December

Enjoy an extraordinary Christmas holiday season with these three underrated movies on Peacock that you need to watch in December.
A man drives away in a boat with stolen money in Grand Theft Auto 5 art.

I’m glad GTA 6 isn’t coming to PC right away

It looks like GTA 6 won't launch on PC alongside console, but despite a barrage of criticism, that's a good thing for PC gamers.
A character faces down a massive insect in Ultros.

This psychedelic PlayStation platformer is already 2024’s most surprising game

After spending 90 minutes with Ultros, we still don't fully know what to expect from the psychedelic Metroidvania.
Plex used to watch media on a laptop.

How to use Plex Media Server to watch all of your media

Plex can take your movies, TV shows, music, and photos and give them the Netflix treatment for the ultimate at-home or away-from-home streaming experience.
The Hulu icon in the Disney+ app.

Hulu content is now available inside Disney+ as a ‘beta’

You can now watch Hulu content within the Disney+ app, provided you're subscribed to both.
AMD CEO Lisa Su holding an APU chip.

Intel said AMD’s Ryzen 7000 is snake oil

A new marketing playbook from Intel compares AMD's Ryzen 7000 mobile processors to snake oil.
A man hugs a woman in In Bruges.

This 2008 action comedy is also one of the best Christmas movies ever. Here’s why

This 2008 action comedy starring Colin Farrell is also a great movie to watch during Christmas. Find out what it is and why you should stream it.
Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating system logos are displayed on laptop screens.

Microsoft plans to charge for Windows 10 updates in the future

Microsoft will soon charge to maintain security updates on Windows 10.
LG MLA OLED technology is the most innovative TV technology of 2023.

The most innovative TV tech of 2023

2023 was more evolutionary than revolutionary for TVs, but MLA OLED tech and wireless TV set the stage for an exciting 2024.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is the most innovative wearable of 2023.

The most innovative smartwatches and wearables of 2023

These are the wearables that have made a real impact in 2023 by including clever tech that changes the way we use and enjoy them.
The Lenovo Yoga Book 9i won Digital Trend's Most Innovative Laptop of 2023 award.

The most innovative laptop of 2023

There was one laptop that stood out this year from the rest as a pure example of design innovation.