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RTX 4060 Ti sitting next to the RTX 4070.

This was the most disappointing GPU that I reviewed this year

We've seen a ton of new GPUs this year, but there's one card that stands out as the most disappointing GPU of 2023.
The back of the Viva Magenta Razr Plus.

Using this Motorola folding phone was an emotional roller coaster

You Asked Ep 15 Feature

You Asked: Do perfect LCD panels exist?

Check out the design of Tencent’s flashy new headquarters

Wordle Today (#905): Wordle answer and hints for December 11

How to watch the Geminid Meteor Shower this week

James Webb provides a second view of an exploded star

Apple Vision Pro launch nears as staff get special training

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys live stream: watch the NFL for free

NFL games today: schedule, channels, live streams for December 10

Digital Trends picked the most innovative products of 2023.

The most innovative tech products of 2023

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 front view showing display and keyboard.

I’m a laptop reviewer, and these were my biggest disappointments of 2023

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NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter acquired this image using its navigation camera. This camera is mounted in the helicopter's fuselage and pointed directly downward to track the ground during flight. This image was acquired on Oct. 24, 2021 (Sol 241 of the Perseverance rover mission) at the local mean solar time of 12:34:15.

NASA’s Mars helicopter is about to attempt a colossal flight

NASA's Ingenuity helicopter is about to attempt its longest flight across Mars since its first hover in April 2021.
This illustration, updated as of June 2020, depicts NASA’s Psyche spacecraft.

NASA’s Psyche spacecraft sends back its first image of a star field

NASA has shared the first images taken by its Psyche mission, which launched in October to study a strange metal asteroid located in the main belt.
Rashida Jones in Angie Tribeca.

3 underrated shows on Max you need to watch in December

The three underrated shows on Max that you need to watch in December include an off-the-wall comedy, a thrilling British series, and a unique sci-fi anime.
Expandable RAM as seen on the Framework Laptop.

How to upgrade the RAM on your laptop

Learn how to upgrade RAM on your laptop to improve speed and performance.
htc just fixed a major shortcoming of standalone vr headsets totw vive tracker feature

HTC just fixed a major shortcoming of standalone VR headsets

HTC Vive announced new full-body trackers to animate your VRChat avatar and help sports trainers and game developers track movement.
The cast of Leave the World Behind.

3 movies like Netflix’s Leave the World Behind you should watch

Settle in for a comfy post-apocalyptic film binge with the three movies like Netflix's Leave the World Behind that you should watch.
NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 Flight Engineer Frank Rubio checks tomato plants growing inside the International Space Station for the XROOTS space botany study on Oct. 14, 2022.

Missing tomato recovered after being lost on the ISS for 8 months

Astronauts on board the the International Space Station have finally located a single tomato that was lost somewhere in the station for eight months.
Rocky Rhodes and Ginger in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

The best kids movies on Netflix right now

Looking for movies the kids will enjoy? Netflix has tons of great options — including new Netflix Original Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget.
A person holding the Google Pixel 8, showing the back of the phone.

Does the Google Pixel 8 have wireless charging?

Do the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro support wireless charging? If they do, is it better than traditional wired charging? Let's find out.
Santa Claus stands next to four people at the top of the stairs.

3 great Christmas shows to watch on Disney+ this December

Here are three great Christmas shows to watch on Disney+, including a TV adaptation of a hit 1990s comedy and a reality show on ABC.
People riding a T-Rex in Ark 2.

Ark 2: release date speculation, platforms, trailers, gameplay, and more

Seeing Vin Diesel riding on the back of a T-Rex might be enough to sell most people, but for anyone who needs info, here's everything we know about Ark 2.
Hubble orbiting more than 300 miles above Earth as seen from the space shuttle.

Hubble Space Telescope is back up and running following gyro problem

The Hubble Space Telescope is back to full operations following several weeks in safe mode due to a problem with one of its components.
People stand on the Lakers' In-Season court.

Indiana Pacers vs. Los Angeles Lakers live stream: watch NBA In-Season Tournament final

The finals of the NBA In-Season Tournament are set. Find out how to watch a live stream of the Indiana Pacers versus the Los Angeles Lakers.
Logo fo NXT Deadline.

Where to watch NXT Deadline 2023 live stream

Find out how to watch a live stream of the final NXT Premium Live Event of the year – NXT Deadline – on Saturday, December 9.
Sony WF-1000XM5in charging case with lid open, held between a finger and thumb.

Best wireless earbuds for 2023: Sony, Bose, Soundcore, and more

Looking for the best wireless earbuds, but overwhelmed by all of the choices? We've tried tons of them so you don't have to — here are the models we recommend.
Mahershala Ali, Myha'la, Julia Roberts, and Ethan Hawke in Leave the World Behind.

The best thrillers on Netflix right now

The best thrillers on Netflix include Leave the World Behind, Black Swan, The Killer, Good Time, Locked In, Sea of Love, The Next Three Days, and more.
A man puts his hand on the steering wheel in a car in a scene from The Noel Diary.

5 best Christmas movies on Netflix you need to watch

We picked out the five best Christmas movies on Netflix you need to watch, including Love Actually and The Christmas Chronicles.
Max jumps from a car in Mad Max: Fury Road.

3 sci-fi movies on Tubi you need to watch in December

Here are three sci-fi movies on Tubi you need to watch in December, including an underrated Tom Cruise movie and one of the best action movies ever made.
New York Times Connection game logo.

NYT Connections today: answers and hints for Saturday, December 9

Connections is the new puzzle game from the New York Times, and it can be quite difficult. If you need a hand with solving today's puzzle, we're here to help.
A woman smokes with another woman in Eileen.

This Anne Hathaway thriller is 2023’s freakiest movie. Here’s why you should watch it

You may not have heard of this 2023 Anne Hathaway thriller, but it's one of the best movies of the year. Here's why you should watch it.
OnePlus 12 in green

Does the OnePlus 12 have wireless charging?

OnePlus has an odd history when it comes to wireless charging support on its premium phones. Does the latest OnePlus 12 release change that?
Mahershala Ali, Myha'la, Julia Roberts, and Ethan Hawke in Leave the World Behind.

Best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Max (HBO), and more

The best new movies to stream this week include Leave the World Behind on Netflix, Merry Little Batman on Amazon Prime Video, and more.
Lies of P being played on an iMac.

Apple has a chance to fix Mac gaming for good in 2024

Mac gaming has come on leaps and bounds in 2023, but there’s still work to do. If Apple is going to fix it, there’s one massive thing it needs to do next year.

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