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iPhone 14 Pro Max surrounded by flagship phones.

How we test phones

Curious about how we test the numerous smartphone releases each year to inform you whether it's a good purchase or not? Here's how our process goes.
Poster with the MediaTek logo in orange.

How MediaTek became the best-kept secret in smartphones

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert

T-Mobile wants you to test drive its 5G home internet

lg fortune 2 using phone

Phones don’t cause brain tumors, experts say

best mobile plans and cell phones for seniors

The best mobile plans and smartphones for seniors

80s 90s mobile phone commercials large

These hilarious ads from the 1980s and ’90s show how far mobile tech has come

zte axon m book angle open

Ugly, weird, and expensive: The craziest phone designs ever

microsoft - best stock-trading apps

Will your cell phone give you cancer? Maybe if you’re a rat

android o notificiations

Could Android O be released August 21?

dji spark review drone 11

Drones have been used in more than a dozen smuggling attempts to prisons

battery life html5 privacy tracking smartphone feat

How to make your smartphone battery last longer

5 phones ahead of their time

5 futuristic phones that were ahead of their time, but still flopped

According to overly obvious study, we are addicted to the Facebook mobile app

Social media can be quite habit-forming, and with the way smartphones are dominating the market these days, it's easier to get hooked to Facebook.

Tweetdeck is dead! Long live the numerous tweet management alternatives

If you were an avid user of Tweetdeck, you should know that soon, it will stop working. Start looking for your next Twitter app and consider these examples.
Future smartphones

What will next-generation smartphones look like?

Applecore cable organizer headphones cable tidy organizer

Apps and gadgets to organize your home

digital trends best of 2011 awards fp

Digital Trends Best of 2011 Awards


NTSB votes to ban use of all personal electronics in cars

Obama Orders federal agencies to cut back on mobile devices, vehicles, and printing


T-Mobile surprises subscribers after testing ‘Presidential Alert’ system early

Final word on cell phones and cancer: Reply hazy, try again

FCC to mandate GPS in all phones by 2018

Pew Internet Study: ‘13% of cell owners pretended to be using their phone’

S.F. BART snuffs cell phone service in anticipation of police protests


Hands-free cell phone usage equally dangerous while driving

Talking on cell phone

Mobile phones listed as carcinogenic hazard


FCC to debut emergency alert system for cell phones

Rebels hijack Gadhafi’s phone network

china cell phone tracking

China plans to track Bejing residents with their cell phones

power to the pocket next generation of superphones motorola atrix 4g thumb

Power to the pocket: The next generation of superphones

Rumor: Apple working on smaller, more affordable iPhones

Palm Pre 3

Palm Pre 3 photos

New bill aims to stop cell phone smuggling in prison

BlackBerry and Vodafone restored for some Egyptians; Internet still down