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Motorola Moto One Hyper hands-on review

Motorola is back with another addition to the Moto One line, in the form of the new Motorola Moto One Hyper. The device offers a relatively modern design, a pop-up selfie camera, and even a headphone jack.
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Snapdragon 865 phones with 5G are coming from Xiaomi, Nokia, Motorola, and Oppo

Xiaomi's Mi 10 phone will have 5G and the new Snapdragon 865 processor inside, and Nokia, Motorola, and Oppo will all have phones out next year that use the same processor and connection technology.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 review

Motorola wants you to look very closely at its new phone, the One Macro

The Motorola One Macro's big feature is given away by its name: It has a macro camera capable of taking extremely close-up photos.

Leaked Moto phone with its triple-lens camera is a sweet little mystery

A mystery Motorola phone has been leaked with a triple-lens camera on the back, and a hole-punch screen on the front. The device has been referred to as both the Moto G8 and as a version of the Moto P40.
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Moto G6 review

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