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Get loud with the best outdoor speakers to rock your party in any weather

From rugged, solar-powered backwoods listening companions to floating pool party jam boxes, the best outdoor speakers partner with your lifestyle to let you listen to your favorite tunes wherever you go.
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Ward off porch pirates with these best outdoor security cameras

Worried about porch pirates stealing your packages, or intruders entering your home? Always be in the know about who or what is on your property by installing one of these outdoor security cameras.
Emerging Tech

This high-tech water gun makes your old Super Soaker look like a fossil

The Spyra One is a next-generation water cannon that shoots single rounds up to 30 feet. It features a sleek design, bright colors, and digital display to show how much ammo is remaining.
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Philips Hue takes a step outside with its new outdoor range

Whether you want to light up dark walkways, shine a spotlight on your front door, or set the mood in your backyard with some wall-mounted fixtures, Philips Hue has you covered with its new Outdoor Range.

Keep your gear fresh, smelling right with these steps on how to wash a backpack

Like all our camping gear, backpacks need a thorough cleaning every once in a while to keep fresh. If yours looks grimy or developed an unsettling smell, here are a few tips and tricks for how to wash a backpack between outings.

Don't let a little rain spoil your camping trip. Here's what you need to know

What do plastic bags, extra socks, and hand warmers have in common? They might be enough to make or break your next camping trip if rain threatens to ruin your trip. Here are the best ways to enjoy any camp outing in the rain.

Sleep under the stars in comfort with the memory foam-backed LaidBack Pad

Designed with comfort in mind, the memory foam LaidBack Pad allows casual campers the ability to avoid the aches and pains of sleeping outside, making for a better night's sleep while roughing it.
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Roll out the party with the Ecoboulder portable Bluetooth speaker and PA system

The Ecoxgear EcoBoulder is a massive wireless speaker, PA system, and portable radio that delivers incredibly loud and well-balanced sound. The speaker is also waterproof, and even floats, making it one of the most versatile we've…

Digitsole announces plans for the first adaptive cushioning smart sneakers

Digitsole announced its plans to create an active cushioning smart sneaker that can adapt to your feet. Is this just vaporware, or could this responsive smart shoe be the real deal?

The secret to the perfect synthetic thread? Coconut charcoal

37.5 fabrics incorporate active carbon molecules that not only fight the accumulation of odors in athletic apparel, but also dry fabrics much faster as well. This has been shown to improve performance by as much as 26% in a blind study.

Exkite outdoor apparel is made from recycled kites to create a unique look

An Italian company called Exkite uses recycled fabrics from kiteboards to create unique, one-of-a-kind jackets. The idea came from former pro kiteboarder Renzo Mancini who was looking for creative ways to reuse his retired kites.

Peak to Plateau’s yak wool base layers keep you warm on cold weather treks

Peak to Plateau is using yak wool harvested from the Tibetan Plateau to create a new line of base layers that are warmer, softer, and offer higher performance than merino wool, which is a more commonly used material in outdoor gear.
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Protect your favorite hiking trail with the power of an Instagram post

Go ahead and post the picture -- geotagged photos you took during your last hike may one day help policymakers decide which outdoor areas to protect, according to a recent study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Orionids meteor shower peaks this weekend! Here’s everything you need to know

It's been some time since Halley’s Comet ripped through our field of view, but remnants still remain in the form of the Orionids. Here's how to catch the ongoing meteor shower, and what to look out for when you do.

TrailScape and SidePath, two light bags for adventure-seeking photographers

MindShift created two new lightweight camera bags with minimalist outdoor photographers in mind, the TrailScape and the SidePath. These two bags are oriented toward adventure photographers who want to be light on their feet.
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Rain or shine, iHome’s iBT9 speaker lets you take your music outdoors

iHome's iBT9 Weather Tough Bluetooth speaker has great sound, is dust and waterproof, and floats, making it a great travel speaker for any occasion or activity.

5 high-tech tents that light up, blow up, and even transform

Materials have become lighter and poles have gotten stronger, but tent design hasn't changed much in the past 20 years. These renegade tents are breaking the mold, however, and bringing fresh ideas and top-of-the-line engineering to the…

8 ways the smartphone in your pocket could save your hide outside

If you find yourself in a sticky survival situation with only your smartphone for help, then don’t panic, because it’ll prove very useful provided you know what to do. Here are eight ways it may end up getting you out of trouble.