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Latest by Molly McHugh

college graduation

Why and how education needs to evolve

China Telecom to make stateside debut in 2012

The FCC partners with private companies to bring affordable Internet to low income families

asus eee pad transformer prime

First look: The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

facebook open graph

Facebook reveals early Open Graph winners

protect yourself online

Discover what’s tracking your Internet activity with these Web apps

Kodak sells its sensor business – what now?

Mark Zuckerberg spills on Google, China, Steve Jobs, and the Facebook IPO

Poorsquare brings Foursquare deals to the masses

google+ direct connect

Google finally launches Google+ Pages for businesses and brands

e-parasite act

Just a few ways the E-PARASITE Act could dismantle the Internet


Who’s benefiting from the Google freshness update?

peter jackson

Peter Jackson takes us on a tour of the tech behind The Hobbit

The state of streaming, cable, and television: What can we expect in 2012?

Internet news

Google promotes Web journalists – as long as they have Google+ profiles

Sporadic Siri outage leaves iPhone 4S users without their virtual assistants

flipboard vs livestand

Livestand takes on Flipboard: Our hands-on analysis

eye tracking

Eye-tracking study reveals how and what we gawk at

New releases from Yahoo, including its Flipboard clone Livestand

RIM officially launches BBM music service

Facebook accused of tracking users even after they delete accounts


Micro Four Thirds mirrorless interchangeable lens system: what is it and what it isn’t

giant lens

Opinion: Why you still need a digital camera

Google tries to explain why its OK to tap your browser history to show you ads

Why Microsoft killed the Courier

Ubuntu mobile

Ubuntu’s going mobile: Will it survive?

HTC profits jump 68-percent, shipments 93-percent over the last year


These apps are doing location differently

Video: The Samsung Focus S’ unofficial unveiling


DT pick: Best apps of the week


Gmail leaks its new redesign

Is Facebook creating ‘shadow profiles’ for non-members?

just dance 3 for kinect review

Just Dance 3 for Kinect Review


Introducing Singly: Take back the power over your Web data