Pizza-obsessed Philadelphia man to open world’s first pizza museum; funded by Kickstarter

alexa pizza hutPhiladelphia resident Brian Dwyer sure knows a thing or two about pizza. Not only is he listed by Guinness World Records as possessing the ‘largest collection of pizza-related items’, he’s also about to open what will apparently be the world’s first pizza museum. Oh, and he’s got a tattoo on his back as well – an image of him holding a slice of pizza, with ‘totally saucesome’ written above it.

According to an NPR report, Brian has, over the years, amassed a collection of over 1,000 pizza-related bits and bobs, such as “a troll doll in an I Love Pizza apron, and a human face made of rubber, trapped inside a pepperoni pizza.” A selection of these bizarre items will be going on display at his new museum, called Pizza Brain.

Set to open in August, Brian is keen for Pizza Brain to be a fun and stimulating experience for visitors. “We want this place to feel like [an] interactive art installation,” he told NPR. “Instead of just putting it all in a bunch of cases that are very linear and sterile, where you just kind of stare at it and say ‘There’s a thing’ and walk away, this is like, ‘Oh! What’s this little thing?….There’s a pizza face!’”

The pizza-obsessed Philadelphian began his quest to raise funds for his museum in February, with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign. To Brian’s delight, users of the site responded with astonishing speed and great generosity. Donations – or, as Brian likes to call them, doughnations – passed the $15,000 target in just a few weeks.

He described his experience with the crowd-funding site as “a wondrous journey.”

“The hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who gave money, re-posted, blogged, vlogged, tweeted and spread the word via mouth was staggering, touching and just flat-out heart-warming,” Brian wrote on Pizza Brain’s website.

With all those pizza-inspired collectibles on show, visitors are bound to build up an appetite before too long, but fear not, Brian has all bases covered. Along with his museum, he’s also built a restaurant serving you-know-what. 

[Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock]