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These ridiculously strong fridge magnets can hold nearly six pounds each

Don't worry about anything coming off of your refrigerator or filing cabinet. Trintec Industries has released SuperMags, super-strong magnets that can hold up to six pounds of weight.


This titanium boomerang is actually an aircraft NASA wants to soar over Mars

An aerial survey of Mars is necessary before NASA feels comfortable sending a manned mission there, so the agency has recently unveiled plans to send an aircraft to the planet in hopes of scoping out possible landing sites for future human missions.

Cool Tech

T.brush is an electric toothbrush with a cool design and long battery life

The T.brush amps up the way we brush our teeth with some cool designs, longer-lasting battery life, and USB-charging capabilities for travel. It's in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign.


Stanford’s new water splitter pumps out clean hydrogen faster (and cheaper) than ever

Scientists from Stanford University have developed a water-splitting device that extracts clean hydrogen and clean oxygen from water molecules. The device uses cost-efficient materials and could have a potential impact on the transportation industry by…

Cool Tech

This is what happens when you drop a laser into a vat of liquid nitrogen

Dropping stuff into liquid nitrogen is always a fun experiment, but it doesn't have the same effect on all objects. While most things will simply freeze and become extremely brittle, some strange things happen when you drop a laser into the super-cooled gas.

Cool Tech

Still skeptical about Cortana? These 10 features might change your mind

Microsoft is working hard to make Cortana far more than a competitors for Siri or Google Now. Here are the latest desktop, mobile and cloud tricks this Halo-inspired voice assistant can pull off.


The human genome may be the next big API to hit the market

Manipulating the human genome, at least on a large scale, still exists primarily in the realm of science fiction. But soon, scientists may develop an API for our genetic code, making interactions with DNA faster, easier, and more robust.

Cool Tech

The world will get a ‘leap second’ on Tuesday to keep clocks on track

The world runs on different standards of time, and the main standards don't always agree with each other. To reconcile this discrepancy, timekeepers occasionally add a "leap second" to our clocks -- which often causes big problems for computers.

Cool Tech

This brick-laying robot can build an entire house in 2 days flat

An Australian engineer has developed a bricklaying robot that can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, work 24/7 and complete the shell of a brick home in just two days. Think of it as 3D printing on a grand scale.


New ‘FitBit for cows’ tracks livestock health, lets farmers know when cows are sick

Quantified Ag took the tech you'd find in a FitBit and put it in a wearable for cows. The sensors pick up movement and body temp, so ranchers can more easily tell which cows are getting sick.

Cool Tech

Shelfpack transforms from a suitcase into a clothing shelf in just a few seconds

Shelfpack erects into four closet shelves which means you don't have to sort through articles of clothing. The suitcase comes with supports on either side that will transform into a dresser-on-wheels.

Cool Tech

Newly-developed ink makes it possible to print stretchy circuits onto fabrics

Researchers at the university of Tokyo have developed a silver-based ink that can be printed on textiles to create flexible electronics.

Cool Tech

Upcoming ‘Shift Sneakers’ will change color and design via a mobile app

+rehabstudio has conceptualized the sneakers of the future: Shift Sneakers, a new kind of wearable technology.The company is tinkering with the idea that will transform shoe shopping in such a way that if you buy one pair of sneakers, you're actually buying…

Cool Tech

Go shopping from the comfort of your own home with your virtual reality headset

Combining the best of both worlds for what can only be described as a dangerous outcome, software developers are looking into using virtual reality headsets to allow eager consumers to go shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

Cool Tech

LG’s hexagonal battery could boost your future smartwatch’s battery

LG Chem, the battery research division of LG, has produced a hexagonal battery for use in wearables. It takes advantage of space current-generation smartwatch batteries currently don't, namely the corners of internal enclosures.


The Global Beer Fridge speaks 40 languages and opens on command

A partnership between Google and Canadian beer company Molson has resulted in quite the lovechild -- the Global Beer Fridge, which is simultaneously a terrible tease and a phenomenal innovation.

Cool Tech

This amazing 3D printing pen melts plastic, burns wood, and solders metal

The 3DSimo Mini puts the power of a 3D printer in the palm of your hand. This small, 3D printing pen can burn designs into wood, forge sculptures out of plastic, solder metal, and shear through foam.


Google talks Project Loon: 14 different prototypes, leaks solved by using fluffy socks

Google X's Astro Teller has talked about the challenges the company faced when designing the balloons that will see its Project Loon plan take off in the future, from multiple prototypes to the type of socks worn by engineers.

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Setback for SpaceX as Falcon 9 rocket explodes shortly after launch

The SpaceX project suffered a major setback Sunday when the Falcon 9 rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded shortly after launch. The accident means it could be many months before the team is ready to try another launch.

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DT Giveaway: Watch your six with Cycliq’s Fly6 bike light and HD camcorder

We’re giving away a $200 Cycliq Fly6, a combined bike taillight and HD camcorder that allows you to both see and be seen on the roads.

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This tactical camera sphere can give police a quick peek into dangerous situations

A startup in Boston is releasing its first line of tactical camera spheres, which can be tossed into dangerous areas to snap photos, instantly stitch together panoramic images, and send those images to a smartphone.

Cool Tech

The first robot wedding happened in Japan: There was a kiss, cake, and dancing

First the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage; now Japan has hosted the first robot wedding. About 100 people gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to witness robots named Frois and Yukirin tie the knot. There was even a "kiss."

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A new threat to your drone: Neighbors with shotguns

This week in drone news: A California man finds his drone shot down by a neighbor who thought it was a spying device, and another UAV stops a firefighting mission in the San Bernardino Mountains.

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Google is saving the environment, one renovated coal plant at a time

In the ultimate victory for environmental activists, Google is planning to spend $600 million on a server farm that will span 350 acres of land near Chattanooga, Alabama and will ultimately be 100 percent powered by green energy.