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RCA Announces New LYRA DJ Software

From the press release:

The new RCA LYRA portables includes a 20GB jukebox player with a 1.8-inch hard disc drive that hold thousands of songs in a package smaller than a deck of cards and two colorful flash-based personal digital mp3 players. The new mp3 products are all compatible with most secure music downloads from WMA-compliant services that support digital rights management including MusicMatch and Walmart.com.

“With the number of mainstream consumers joining the portable digital audio revolution increasing daily, we realize there is a tremendous need to help them better manage the hundreds of songs on their devices,” said Mark Redmond, Vice President, Worldwide Audio and Video. “Some people will always settle for the “random shuffle” when listening to their music collection – but for people who are in the mood for a certain kind of music, the LYRA DJ is a great way to create smart playlists with very little effort.”

LYRA DJ Makes Organizing and Locating Songs Simple

LYRA DJ, a PC-based software program featured with every new model of RCA LYRA hard drive-based portable mp3 jukebox, enables users to create playlists without going through the tedious effort of manually organizing each file. Unlike systems which rely on ID3 tag information, LYRA DJ uses Digital Signal Processing and Advanced Acoustical Analysis, Thomson’s patent-pending technology, to group music automatically according to the harmonic relationships within the actual audio content. The result is the creation of “sets” of songs based on similarities of properties such as tempo, orchestration, rhythm, and “energy level”. It then assigns a name to the automatically generated playlists based on the most representative artist within that playlist. The playlists can then be easily transferred and accessed on the LYRA devices.

In addition to the new line of RCA LYRA hard drive products, LYRA DJ is also compatible with the RCA LYRA RD2800, RD2820, RD2825, RD2840, RD2760 and RD2780, and can be downloaded from http://www.rca.com/.

Thinner RCA LYRA mp3 Jukebox Adds FM Tuner and Record Capability

Slim and compact, the 20GB RCA LYRA mp3 Jukebox (model RD2850) stores thousands of songs on a 1.8-inch hard disc drive. Housed in a sleek case thinner than a deck of cards, the RD2850 RCA LYRA jukebox model measures 3.35 x 2.87 x 1 inch and weighs less than 5.5 ounces. The versatile and easy-to-operate player showcases an FM tuner with record capability, enabling users to record radio segments as mp3 files with the touch of a button. The RD2850 plays back mp3, Windows Media Audio (WMA) and mp3PRO music files.

A centrally located navigation wheel and 2.1-inch multi-line, backlit display makes operation virtually effortless. The RD2850 features the SmartTrax