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Red Faction Movie Coming to SyFy Channel

The popular Red Faction game series from publisher THQ is getting the Hollywood treatment in a two hour movie that could serve as a pilot for a potential series.

The original 2001 game takes place in Mars, sometime in the late 21st century. In the first person shooter, players take control of a miner that leads a rebellion against the Ultor Corporation. The original release has seen two sequels, Red Faction 2, and Red Faction: Guerilla which was released in 2009. Since the deal with SyFy, the already announced Red Faction 4 has been confirmed for release early next year.

The trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that the move by SyFy is the first step into a larger, planned expansion into the video game world. In Februar,y the network announced a partnership with publisher THQ, with plans to bring the de Blob franchise to TV. The THQ properties will be developed under the SyFy Games banner.

The deal goes both ways: While SyFy will begin development on games for the television, it will also begin to coproduce many games with THQ, including an upcoming game based on the Ghost Hunters series. Under the new deal, all of THQ’s library could potentially be coming soon to SyFy (May we humbly request a Warhammer 40,000 series?).

“Both Ghost Hunters and Red Faction are great examples of how we are absolutely committed to [gaming],” Alan Seiffert, senior VP of SyFy Ventures told B&C. “It is going to be more than just taking the name, it is going to really be part of the overall experience.”