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Richard is as klutzy as ever in new teaser for Silicon Valley season 3 0:32

HBO is getting fans ready for Silicon Valley season 3. The premium network released a new teaser Thursday, giving a taste of the ups and downs to come when the comedy series returns on April 24.
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The final trailer for Batman V. Superman shows the epic battle we’re in for 2:12

The final trailer for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice gives Wonder Woman some lines and show's Batman kicking some major butt in the lead-up to the film's arrival in theaters next month.

Gwen Stefani has first new album in 10 years and a live music video coming soon

After 10 long years, Gwen Stefani is getting ready to drop a solo album in March. The singer and Voice judge recently shared the track list for This Is What the Truth Feels Like and announced plans to shoot a new live music video during the…
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Jon Hamm, Don Cheadle, and dozens of other stars poetry slam Biebers’ Sorry

A group of celebrities including Jon Hamm, Chloe Sevigny, Don Cheadle, and John Legend, band together for a dramatically hilarious reading of the lyrics to Justin Bieber's new hit song Sorry.
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AMC releases suspenseful first minutes of The Walking Dead midseason premiere 4:01

AMC has released the terrifying first four minutes of The Walking Dead's upcoming midseason premiere, which will air this Sunday, February 14, showing what happens after Negan's men attempt to take the crew's belongings.
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Check out the intense new teaser for House of Cards season 4 1:00

An intense, one-minute trailer for the upcoming fourth season of House of Cards suggests that Frank is unraveling without Claire, and has a whole new list of enemies with which to deal

OK Go get messy in zero G for their latest must-watch video

OK Go has been creating strange and unique, but real, viral music videos for more than 10 years, and now they've taken to the air with the video for Upside Down & Inside Out, filmed entirely inside a jet airplane in zero gravity.
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How’d they do that?! The insane trailer for Hardcore Henry will have you guessing 2:34

The latest trailer for Hardcore Henry continues to put the audience in the role of action hero for a unique sci-fi adventure that unfolds in first-person perspective as the protagonist fights his way to the end.
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2016's Tribeca Film Festival includes VR experiences in gaming and fictional storytelling

The 15th annual Tribeca Film Festival is embracing their focus on virtual reality and has revealed this year's lineup of virtual reality experiences, including gaming, music, and fictional storytelling.
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Better, stronger, faster: Lee Majors to play Ash’s father in Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2

The cast of Ash vs. Evil Dead is growing a little larger in season 2 with the addition of former Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors as Ash's father, and Evil Dead alumni Ted Raimi as Ash's childhood best friend.
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Sonic the Hedgehog movie hits theaters in 2018, mixes live-action and animation

Perhaps delighting anyone that grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis in the late nineties, Sony Pictures and Sega are developing a hybrid live-action, animation Sonic movie for a 2018 release.