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Google’s European troubles continue as its Spain offices get raided by tax officials

Hot on the heels of the announcement that the EU would be leveling its third set of antitrust charges against the tech behemoth, Google's offices in Spain have been raided.

GoPro rebrands Kolor software, beta tests VR viewer upgrade

With the 360 GoPro Omnus release looming, GoPro is beta testing a new version of a VR viewer. The program is a direct result of the company's acquisition of Kolor, and looks to offer a simple, free way to view VR.

Feast on award-winning chefs’ recipes with new app

just in time for your next feast is a new iOS app making its official debut on Thursday. Meet Feast Kitchen, an app that promises "unprecedented levels of customizability for a completely streamlined and personalized user experience."

Wi-Fi is about to get a lot better, thanks to a new wave of 802.11ac features

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced new standards today that allow for multi-gigabit bandwidth, direct signals for individual devices, and 160MHz channels. If you hate your router, it's probably a good time to replace what your ISP gave you.

Database with info on 2.2 million suspected criminals finds its way online

The World-Check Risk Screening database is intended to inform businesses about the company they keep. Over two million records from the database have leaked, including those that track organizations and individuals suspected of terrorism.

Was that an earthquake? Google will now let you know

Google has announced a new partneship with the U.S. Geological Survey to add detailed earthquake information to its search results. Google says this will allow people to get timely information to help them stay safe.

Is BMW teaming up with Intel, Mobileye to develop autonomous vehicles?

BMW, which recently said it would have a completely autonomous car by 2021, is holding a joint news conference July 1 with chip-maker Intel and machine vision technology firm Mobileye. An autonomous car venture is expected.
Cool Tech

Robocup hopes robots can beat professional soccer players by 2050

The Messis, Ronaldos, and Neymars of the world may have competition from robots in a few years –- at least that’s the goal of Robocup, an annual robot soccer competition that kicks off today in Leipzig, Germany.

Square Enix, CNN explore the ethics of human augmentation

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided publisher Square Enix and CNN are hosting a human augmentation conference this August, focusing on the potential for breakthroughs and the moral quandaries of modifying the human body.

Enthusiasm for self-driving cars varies by state, says Volvo

Autonomous cars are most popular in New York and California, and least popular in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas, according to a Volvo survey. People in all states believe they should still be allowed to drive, though.

New Google Fit app reminds you to finish that 3-mile jog you skipped yesterday

Google Fit 5.7 packs a number of noteworthy improvements, chief among them a new home screen that shows a daily summary of your activity. It packs a new Android Wear watchface, too, plus customizable fitness activity reminders.

OnePlus co-founder unveils the smartwatch that never was

Through a post on Twitter, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei released sketches of the company's now-cancelled smartwatch. OnePlus said it cancelled its smartwatch plans in order to focus on phones.