Alexa! Ask Notion to read my email: Amazon’s digital assistant accesses your inbox

You use it to talk to everyone else, so why not talk to your inbox itself? Now you can, thanks to Notion's skill for Amazon Alexa. The custom Alexa skill lets you check for new mail, delete old messages, and more.
Health & Fitness

Need a doctor? Just talk to Alexa and its new HealthTap integration

This week, HealthTap introduced a new integration with the Amazon service, which allows users to simply say, "Alexa, talk to Dr. AI," in order to simulate an in-person doctor visit.

Amazon: Now you’ll only have to spend $35 to get free shipping

Amazon has cut the minimum order for free shipping to $35, down from $49. The move appears to be in response to a recent Walmart move, which now offers free two-day shipping to all customers with a minimum $35 order.

Amazon’s smart home consult figured out how to connect a 50-year-old thermostat

Setting up smart-home devices can be painful, especially if you have no idea what you're doing. Amazon and iDevices both offer services that will help you set up or choose smart-home devices, and we gave them a try.

ChefSteps' Joule sous vide now works with Facebook Messenger, too

Amazon's Alexa has skills for ChefSteps' Joule sous vide appliance. Adding voice control to the low-temperature vacuum cooking method is like an extra set of hands. The appliance also just added Facebook Messenger support.
Movies & TV

Amazon picks up a half-hour comedy about a couple who try to halt aging process

Amazon is beefing up its content on the comedic side of things with a new series called Late Bloomers that follows a 40-something-year-old couple who explore a drug therapy that is said to stop aging.

Amazon's Alexa finally gets support for calendars

Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, has lots of neat skills. So many, in fact, it seems like a new one appears every day. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Echo, Dot, or Tap.
Cool Tech

Amazon’s delivery drones may use parachutes to drop packages in your yard

Instead of landing its delivery drones in people's yards, Amazon might drop off packages using a parachute. A newly granted patent suggests a package's descent could also be controlled using compressed air and landing flaps.
Movies & TV

Amazon will adapt more of Philip K. Dick's works in an upcoming TV series

Amazon has gotten the rights to Electric Dreams, which will be based on a series of short stories from acclaimed science fiction author Philip K. Dick, and will be executive produced by Bryan Cranston.

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control things in your home, like lights, with your eyes. The tech could make it so you can simply stare at an object with your eyes and get info or…

Google fooled by fake Amazon site that showed up as an ad in search results

Google has been fooled into presenting web search users with phony links to the Amazon storefront, after its strict advertising safeguards were somehow dodged by the perpetrators of the scam.

Blu’s Tank Xtreme 5.0 is built to withstand dust, drops, and a high price tag

Blu unveiled the Tank Xtreme 5.0, the latest in the company's line of rugged and affordable phones. If it sounds like something up your alley, the phone is now available through Amazon.