Google’s symptom checker is a new way to incorrectly self-diagnose your ailments

Google's launched a new feature on mobile, symptom checker, that helps searchers find useful information about medical maladies and ailments. It's available in the U.S. in English, with additional language support planned.

It’s a numbers game! How analytics are turning games into distraction machines

Gaming analytics allow developers to hack your feeble human brain like never before, and highly refined games they’re cranking out with it are more like crack than art.

Be the designer: Create your own Orlebar Brown swim trunks with Instagram

Orlebar Brown's updated app, #SnapShorts, will let users create their own swim trunks using their Instagram pictures — for a price.

Apple is mandating HTTPS connections for iOS apps by 2017

Apple has announced that by January 1, 2017 it will be mandatory for iOS apps to use Apple's ATS encryption, ensuring that users remain as secure as possible no matter which app they're using.

Apple explains why iMessage is unlikely to ever land on Android

There was talk last week that iMessage was about to land for Android users, but it wasn't to be. And now an Apple executive has explained why its messaging software is unlikely to ever land on Google's mobile operating system.

Developers discover dark mode hidden in the code for iOS 10 beta 1

Developers who have their hands on the first beta of iOS 10 have discovered a new feature hidden deep within the code. That's right, it looks like we'll finally be getting dark mode in iOS 10.

Top 10 iOS 10 features Apple didn't talk about at WWDC

Apple finally took the wraps off of iOS 10 at this year's WWDC, and there were a ton of great new features to go through. So much so, that it couldn't talk about all of them. Here are some of the best unmentioned iOS 10 features.

After more than 30 years, Apple releases new 'modern' file system called APFS

Apple introduced APFS on Monday a new "modern" file system optimized for SSDs and flash-based storage devices. A Developer Preview is rolling out now with a general release expected to become available sometime in 2017.

See ya, Tips and Newsstand! Stock iPhone apps can finally be deleted

Do you use every single app on your iPhone? Soon you'll be able to hide those pesky stock Apple apps that you just don't need. iPhone users have been waiting for this feature to arrive for some time.

Apple is stepping up its Photo game with AI in iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra

Apple hasn't been known for a clean and conducive way to capture, manage, and share photos and video on iOS. T about to change with the introduction of iOS 10, which brings along better search, facial recognition, and more.

Look out, Facebook! Apple’s iMessage is now a platform

Apple has announced some pretty big changes to iMessage, perhaps the biggest of which is making the app a platform and following Facebook Messenger's lead. Not only that, but the QuickType keyboard has been redesigned.

From iOS 1 to iOS 10: How Apple’s iPhone OS has evolved since 2007

Come with us on a trip down memory lane, back to the birth of iOS, up to today’s WWDC unveil of the 10th version. Let us remind you how the platform has evolved with images, videos, and a few words.