Mouse and keyboard support for Microsoft’s Xbox One console may arrive within “months”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer indicated in an interview during E3 2016 that support for a keyboard and mouse will be added to the Xbox One console in the coming months.

Razer unleashes a powerful new mouse focused on MOBA players on the PC

Razer has unleashed the Naga Hex V2, a mouse for PC gamers focused on MOBA players. It includes a seven-button thumb wheel and downloadable profiles to use for League of Legends and DOTA2. The mouse comes packed with a 16,000 DPI 5G laser…

The new gaming mouse from Tt eSports packs a crazy 16,000 DPI laser sensor

Tt eSports has added a new gaming mouse to its Level 10 lineup that packs a laser sensor capable of 16,000 DPI. It also has honeycombed-based ventilation to keep your hand cool during long marathons.

SteelSeries has a modular gaming mouse with a built-in OLED screen and tactile alerts

SteelSeries has launched the Rival 700, a modular mouse for PC gamers packed with an OLED screen and a Tactile Alerts system sending vibrations up through the user's hand. The mouse also sports RGB lighting supporting 16.8 million colors.

Leave your opponents in awe of your skillz with the best gaming mice

If you want to rise above the competition, you need the best tools you can get your hands on. We've scoured the internet for the best gaming mice in every category, whether you're left-handed or working with a tight budget.

Razer brings wireless PC gaming to your lap with the launch of a new weapon

Razer has launched the Razer Turret, a wireless lapboard consisting of a chiclet keyboard, a built-in magnetic mouse pad, and a wireless mouse for right-handed gamers. The keyboard supports both Microsoft Windows and Google Android…

Microsoft unleashes a MouseJack patch that may or may not actually work

Microsoft has released an update that addresses the "MouseJack" issue related to a number of its wireless mice. However, the patch does not address mice made by third parties.

This mouse has teeth: the new high-end Asus ROG Spatha gaming mouse

Asus has introduced a new high-end mouse for PC gaming called the ROG Spatha. This peripheral features 12 programmable buttons and an 8,200DPI laser sensor that has a tracking speed of 150 inches per second and a tracking acceleration of…

eSports team Fnatic simplifies competitive gaming with a brand-new line of peripherals

Famous eSports team Fnatic has decided to launch its own line of pro-level PC gaming peripherals through a crowdfunding campaign.

The computer mouse has served for decades, but could its reign come to an end?

Since the birth of modern computers, the mouse has been a user's best way to interact with their system — but is it time to think of a suitable replacement? We investigated the history of the mouse, and the alternatives.

Microsoft reveals new accessories for Windows 10

With Windows 10 finally available to anyone who wants it badly enough, Microsoft is introducing some promising new Windows 10-specific peripherals, according to WinBeta, including a new Bluetooth mouse and updates to a slate of existing…

Thermaltake’s newest mouse will keep your hands cool in the hottest games

Ever find yourself wiping off your palms between matches? Perhaps what you need isn't a more relaxed frame of mind, but a mouse with better ventilation. Thermaltake's new Ventrus X has plenty of it.